Watch: Say Your Name – The Maccabeats Release ‘George Floyd Tribute’




  1. Disgusting making a tribute to a horrible criminal person (look up his criminal history it should make you vomit) almost as disgusting as the frum people seen taking a knee at protests

  2. why in heaven’s name do any of the maccabeats want to remember of this good-for-nothing? he was certainly not chayov missah. but what about floyd was worth destroying this country?

  3. Out of all the things we compose a song its about this??? Where was the song about our chayal from golani ami ben yigal??? Where is his name?
    A real shame that this is what they are putting their god given talents to.

  4. what all these am haaratzim don’t understand. complete ignorance. The BLM is lead by Louis Farahkan.. the biggest anti semite of our generation. The leader of the org proudly is part of his congregation. We also know that all these protests are just a bunch of hoodlums that are bored and financed by political enemies of the president.

  5. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Amazing how many yidden can be so brainwashed by the media. Their song is like bowing their knees to an idol. How humiliating.

  6. If a goy steals he is chiyiv misah. George Floyd was a horrible animal who mugged a pregnant woman. Conclusion: Maybe he didn’t deserve to die from a legal aspect but now that he died the world is a better place.

  7. All I can think of to say is what Julius Ceaser said “Et tu, Brute?” Very loosely translated this can mean “are you with the traitors” Sickening. Not the murder of Mr. Floyd, but standing with the Black Lives Matter thugs.

  8. They just want to go viral and get kovod from the media etc. I promise not of them cried… they probably couldn’t care less about Floyd. Pathetic and disgusting!

  9. It’s beautifully done, but I agree w above. I know some of the group, however I too am a bit embarrassed, it’s going too far already. Another fad, it’s “in” to be sensitive and it’s sweeping the nation, to basically “advertise” publicly the sensitivity, rather than doing something practical. At the very least beH the sensitivity will lead us to be more sensitive towards our loved ones. It’s easier to feel like part of the blm movement and to jump on the wagon when it’s the next big thing. But maybe people will be more understanding towards a spouse or loved one or children..
    Wow, didn’t mean to get all mussary 🙂

    Don’t know if I’ll care to listen any more tho to the maccabeats although it is takA a beautiful rendition

  10. Sometimes people are so open-minded their brains fall out.
    I remember one of their videos had Rav Hershel Schachter in it for a moment in a respectful way. Clearly they lost their way and didn’t ask a rebbe about this.

  11. Hashem Yerachem.

    Maybe this video can be used to raise money for the Jewish businesses destroyed by this criminal’s other “brothers”

  12. Not much more than you can expect from a group who most of their songs are openly taken from the latest goyish songs, with sometimes just a few word changes. A raaya that their movement is way off.

  13. nice song. I’m also against the blm agenda. But you gotta be able to separate the their agenda from the empathy for floyd.And that applies for his criminal activity too

  14. Did these misguided youths go down to one knee and apologize for being a priviliged WHITE as well?
    So for a career criminal these boys make a song/video but for Hallel Yaffa Ariel, an innocent sweet 13 year old girl with a whole life ahead of her, who was butchered to death by a Palestinian while she slept in her home, that they’re silent on. Pheh pheh and PHEH!


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