Watch: Shapiro: Security In Schools Needs To Be Radically Escalated


Columnist Ben Shapiro reflects on the gun control debate after the Florida massacre.




  1. Fact: States with magazine-capacity restrictions experience fewer mass
    shootings, according to CNN.

    Fact: States that require background checks on all firearm sales have
    lower gun-related deaths per capita than states that don’t, according
    to data from the CDC, the NRA and the Law Center to Prevent Gun

    The States With The Most Gun Laws See The Fewest Gun-Related Deaths


    In fact, when we analyzed the Washington Post’s list of U.S. mass
    shootings since 1966, semi-automatic, assault-style weapons were used
    in incidents that resulted in 253 deaths.

    How about the small number of crimes that would be prevented if people
    were turned away because of mental-health issues? What about the
    number of potential killers who would change their minds during a
    three-day waiting period? What about the number of lives that would be
    saved by smaller-capacity magazines?

    Based on the logic of “Criminals don’t care about gun laws,” why make
    any law? Why should there be laws against rape or murder, since
    murderers gonna murder and rapists gon’ rape?

    Hey, I thought all lives mattered.
    How is that strict gun regulation working out in Chicago?

    Chicago is people’s No. 1 argument against everything, including
    gun control. According to them, even with its strict gun laws, Chicago
    is a big, bad bogey monster filled with murderous thugs who will gun
    you down at any time. It is the most dangerous city in America.

    Except that it’s not.

    Using the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting data, Chicago ranks 25th in
    murders per capita, far behind cities like Jackson, Miss.; Savannah,
    Ga.; and Kansas City, Kan. In fact, when you look at PoliticIt’s
    ranking of states with the toughest gun laws, of the 24 cities with
    higher murder rates than Chicago’s, 15 of them are in states with gun
    laws laxer than Illinois’. Chicago’s population dwarfs most of the
    other cities, which is why we hear more often about the large numbers
    of deaths in the Windy City.

    Gun advocates live under the delusion that they are all John Wayne
    waiting for a bad guy to ride into town. The truth is, a good guy with
    a gun virtually never stop a bad guy with a gun. Even though the Sutherland
    Springs, Texas, shooting allows them to cling to that myth, facts say

    A 2015 study of FBI and national crime by the Violence Policy Center
    (pdf) concluded that people are more likely to cause an accidental
    death than prevent a crime when pulling a gun in self-defense. The
    Washington Post reports that for every justifiable homicide using a
    gun, there are 34 criminal suicides, 78 gun suicides and two
    accidental deaths.

  2. so many people bear responsibility for this tragedy. the school threw a troubled kid who has no parents out onto the street ..What did they think he would do–teshuva? the FBI had all kinds of information about this student and did nothing. what are they going to do now –apologize? medical attention to mental disease in this country is a joke. whikle i am totally opposed to guns, guns are not the real issue here; anyone bound and determined to kill will find a way to obtain a gun even if there are kinds of new laws . we have laws and and we should have common sense, but those who were involved with this young man (who is old enough to be held responsible for his actions) could have prevented this from happening and they failed. we all failed

  3. I disagree, public school needs prayers every morning like back in the 1940’s, school was fun and respectful, more guns phooey on youy beeny


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