Watch: Shopper Offers Insightful Analysis of Paper Towel Purchasing

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  1. Only two brands worth buying are bounty or brawny. And to figure out cheapest price there is only one way. Divide price by total square footage shown on bottom.

    • I agree. Bounty (not the basic) & Brawny are the best. We only use the Bounty napkins as well (weekday’s). All the rest are worthless garbage.
      This guy in the video is pretty good. He should run for President.

  2. As is the case with many products, the arithmetic for determining value is provided in a box on the price label that is usually found on the shelf, just beneath the where the product is situated, most often in the upper left of this price tag. It will give you the price/unit of measurement, sq, yds. in this case, ounces , etc. for other products.

    That said, this is still quite amusing….as Sy Syms, a”h used to say (yes, I know I’m dating myself with this: “An educated consumer is our best customer”.

    • Exactly. We became educated and put him out of business. I remember all my chaveirim running to the grosser Syms Bash. It was mamesh gornisht mit gornisht. Cheap clothing. Shmatas. But the thing that really put him out of business, was his refusal to accept credit cards. Cash or check only. What an idiot. He thought he was so smart by saving that 2-3 percent of the CC fee. Now his whole empire went kaput. So, yes, thank you Sy for educating us.


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