Watch: Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rates In Some Coronavirus Patients

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Researchers at the Henry Ford Health System find the early use of hydroxychloroquine against coronavirus may cut death rates in half; reaction from Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel.



  1. Actually, according to nurses and doctors administering hydroxychloroquine, the success rate is over 94%. The problem is, it’s too cheap.

  2. The first studies that were done that “debunked” hydroxychloroquine should not have been done the way that they were done in the first place. Dr. Zelenko was using HCQ either before people were infected so their immune system would be strong and prepped for the bug or on early onset before it got too bad. The “establishment” tests were being done on hospitalized and ICU patients. On top of that Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine had to retract both studies a few weeks later because the studies in scientific terms were SLOP. Big PHARMA is not our friend. Big PHARMA is in the business of making money, which they do very well. If they had some product that cost pennies or dollars and it would sink some major drug that was a multi-billion dollar drug and it would crash their stocks, would they promote it for the publics good? Would they put themselves and their multi-hundred-billion dollar industry out of business from the goodness of their heart? For corona it exists. Therapeutic dosing of vitamin C, quercetin and zinc. This is not conspiracy theories, this is money talks. This is follow the money. 20% of the US economy is health care. But it is not health care, it is sickness care. People who are healthy do not need health care. Sickness care is the biggest industry in America. Wishing you all health, happiness, and wellbeing.

    • Nochum, I am not a conspiracy theorist but you are 100% right. I thought it was mighty fishy that the studies were not done using the cocktail rather just hydroxychloroquine by itself, and on terminally ill patients. Additionally the fact that the studies were pulled definitely says something

  3. It’s a shame and a grave oversight that they aren’t combining the dosage with Zinc.
    The success rate would double.


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