Watch: Texas Man Pays Speeding Ticket With Pennies

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A Texas man took the unconventional route when paying his speeding ticket. Brett Sanders paid his $212 ticket in pennies, about 22,000 of them.

He carried two buckets into the Frisco Municipal Court and dumped them out. The clerks had to pick up all the change and take it to a Coinstar.

It turns out, Sanders actually overpaid the city by about $7 but he said he felt so good after paying his fine, he decided to let the city keep the extra change.




  1. It looks like a set up. How did security allow him to pass holding those two suspicious looking containers? How do they know there wasn’t a bomb inside? Where was he leaving to? Why didn’t he wait for a receipt? How can he confirm that his ticket was cleared? I thought cash is not excepted for paying tickets. It has to be a check or money order. How come there was no security in sight on his way out? Many unanswered questions.

  2. To # 1 , here are answers to your many concerns and questions.
    1. Security allowed him to pass as pennies is not a weapon. Went through XRay and was cleared.
    2. Went through Metal Detector.
    3. He left to go home to see his wife and kids.
    4. He has it on video that he paid.
    5. Cash is most certainly ACCEPTED ( Spelled correctly)
    6. Security stands at the entrance not at the exit. Do you go through Security when you leave a plane?


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