Watch: The Belzer Rebbe Visits the Kevorim of His Forbears

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The Rebbe of Belz arrived in Ukraine on a pilgrimage to daven at the kevarim of his forbears in the town of Belz before heading off to visit London.

The visit has been undertaken ahead of the wedding of the Rebbe’s granddaughter.

Tonight, the Rebbe will travel in the town of Lizhensk, Poland, to daven at the kever of the Rebbe Rav Elimelech.

The Rebbe will then go straight to London for the inauguration of the new Belzer Talmud Torah there on Lag Ba’omer. According to the current schedule, the Rebbe will stay in London until Wednesday evening.

Watch the rebbe in the town of Belz:


  1. I am just wondering why does the Rebbe require a police escort and motorcade. In my opinion it just causes the hatred of all Yiden. I am sure it is not the Rebbe himself but his handlers (Gaboim). This does not raise the stature of their Rebbe in fact it lowes the sature by Yiden and Goyim alike.

  2. first the goyim kill all the jews
    now they laugh as the stupid jews go back and pump money to the polish economy


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