Watch This: Camp Eeshay Color War Breakout 2019

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  1. Great color war breakout and I hear this is a great camp. My only concern is that we should not mocking a rebbe. What are we teaching our kids?

  2. Incredible idea! This is the energy that our children’s camps need! Keep up the good work! It is not making fun but rather validating a different perspective.

  3. Wow! Amazing! So well done! Looks like a lot of hard work went into thing! So many different logistical parts! Whoever arranged this is probably getting big raise !

  4. Sort of making fun of Rebbes, talmidei chachomim, and divrei Torah. Not really so great.
    But let me ask something else, is there a heter to use makeup for such nonsense?

  5. When they scanned the room it looked like there were maybe 50 kids in the entire camp. So this is obviously an infomercial where Matzav is getting paid to push this day camp.


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