WATCH: This Is How The Palestinians Raise Their Children

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UntitledIn the past weeks, Israelis have suffered from hundreds of terror attacks: stab attacks, firebombs, rock-throwing – all as the outcome of ongoing Palestinian incitement on social media and TV.

Imagine if this was you. Imagine if this was happening somewhere else.


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  1. The palestinian elders are also worried by the alarming increase [for them, even] of terror attacks by younger females . The “Adat”(rough transl. :age old traditions) of palestinian arab society are in downward collapse.There is therefore room to work together with them,even whilst battling them

  2. Correction: this is how the Israeli judenrat permits the “palestinians” to raise their children, while hypocritically suppressing any Jewish outrage.

  3. Brainwashing children to turn them into remorseless murderers of innocent men, women and children. We knew this, of course, but it’s still eye-opening in a shocking and repulsive way to see it in action.


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