Watch: Thousands Of Soccer Fans Sing MBD Song Together

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  1. Wow!
    I hope that casued a raash lemaleh.
    Yidden woho wouldn`t have otherwise publicly declaring that they are Bnei Maaminim
    Let`s set an example for them to follow

  2. When push comes to shove and when something is so important to you, look where thousands of Israeli soccer fans turn to!
    Yidden are inherently holy!

    • No, they don’t. Beitar Yerushalyaim is the only team that won’t play on Shabbos, as per their official rabbi, whom they turn to for brachos before each game. They (and their secular) fans have been seen davening mincha with a minyon before or during games.

    • So those who spend their waking hours horiving & shteiging in a Bais Medrash in Brooklyn NY and the like, are not real Jews?! Only in Israel?! Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZT”L was not a Jew?! Rav Shmuel BernbaumZT”L?! Rav Moshe Feinstein?! Etc etc… What a stupid immature statement!

  3. Wow. Amazing. What a kiddush hashemi. And right after their game singing maminim bnei maminim they head to the clubs and engage in all kinds of illicit behavior. We do have our priorities right dont we? This impresses you? How about report about people being mekadesh shem shamayim the right way. Not by a bunch of guys singing a Jewish song in a stadium.


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