Watch: Trump: As Prez, I Will Get Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary

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  1. This is scary.

    Hillary was acquitted by the FBI. We have an election.

    Many will vote soon.

    Donald Trump just made a political campaign promise to make the economy and feelings of human security more concerning by a further investigation of a legal candidate out of perhaps spite or any thing more hateful to good faith and hope.

    Could not she do the same to him? One wonders. I would be glad to know more of his mafia connections, his personal contacts that were a scare, any further sexual scandals especially with married women and a clear concern for the conduct he has shown for all his living years.

    This is very scary.

    He does not make a soul in America feel safe and his scare to kill the enemy is just a murder rate to increase. We are very frightened and he should perhaps be the next to be investigated and perhaps prosecuted.

    I would not be concerned.

  2. Bad move Mr Trump…very bad move
    You dont have to voice everything publicly.
    No tact…no brains…just a man who says whatever he thinks without seeing the consequences of his actions.
    First do…then think…the opposite of a man of wisdom.
    But then, of course, we aint playing with a full deck of cards with either candidate.
    What a low for a country as powerful as ours that we came to the point of choosing not which is good, but the least evil of the two..How does one choose between two incompetent people????
    America. ..we are going down the tubes….fast.
    I wish we can all NOT VOTE as a protest to America’s inability to choose a proper Candidate. ..and maybe get back on track by doing it all over again!!!!!
    What a shame..
    My beautiful America.. the one I grew up in…where have you gone?

  3. Bravo! Not just Hillary. Prosecute Obama and his Cabinet. Prosecute all of the big bureaucrats from IRS, FBI, EPA, etc. Prosecute all those power-hungry Machiavellians who used the power of government to rule as a opposed to serve.


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