Watch Trump Jr. Pokes Fun At Biden’s Claim He Will Cure Cancer

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  1. Arrogant !!!

    If they would anti Israel would u post video and video TRUMP every day.

    Remember who is base is. I agree he is better than most Dems but his base is WHITE ALL WHITE with a mix of plenty of White Supremacists

    U cant find a minority at all. A president needs to be open to everyone or he will open to none.

  2. At the rally Trump stated he will cure cancer, AIDS, and put people on Mars. I believe Fox News has their own website.

    • President Trump is not lying. He got it all from the ET which he will release to the public between July 4 and next year, as he promised. The previous presidents learned it too and were threatened with their lives by the Deep State if they disclose anything. (Which is why Trump Jr. is poking fun at “Biden” because he knows that he, like the other presidents would not be able to accomplish this. Remember the assassination attempt on President Reagan? That was after he learned about the ET and UFO and wanted to publicize it.) President Trump is b”H destroying the Deep State beforehand (thousands have already been eliminated – albeit unofficially) and then will be able to fulfill his promises unhindered.


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