Watch: Tucker Carlson: Quarantine is a Total Medical Guess, the Largest Experiment in History

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The eight U.S. states that have still not issued statewide shelter-in-place ordinances are below the national average in coronavirus cases and deaths, per capita.



  1. Tucker is wrong on this.

    People should stay home to limit exposure.

    We do want people to be exposed to COVID-19 in order to become immune. But it has to happen gradually and with limited exposure, so a person does get virus overload and C’V die.

    When people do get exposed, it is very important they have enough Zinc in their cells to block the virus from replicating. If they start getting worse symptoms they BETTER take Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin + Zinc this combo would act as a zinc ionophore to help get the zinc into the cells and Block Virus replications. This will help BUY TIME for the body to develop, anti bodies to fight the COVID-19 virus and get rid of it from the body.

    Be WARNED: once the VIRUS spreads the above combo is almost worthless.

    • I disagree for 99% of the people the virus is benign, the only ones who need to worry are those over 70 compromised immune people and obese, so why make the whole world crazy quarantine those groups and everyone can carry on with their lives. If someone is young and healthy but is still scared then they can voluntarily quarantine but this whole thing is insane and must stop.

    • This “virus” is nothing but the common flu. Haven’t you wondered why nobody has the flu or pneumonia this year? Did you stay home all the years because of the flu? The hyped up amount of deaths includes every single sickness and injury.

    • No one is sure if there is long-term immunity and no one even knows if it is a good idea to be exposed to this virus. For some other viral diseases, the repeated exposure is more deadly each time.
      My opinion is to stay as far away as possible.

  2. Idiotic.
    Gotta weed out the facts from the interpretation.
    As for the study that broke down the effectiveness of the lock-down on a mathematical/statistical formula, and “accounted for discrepancies” of population and demographic, what it did not and cannot do was calculate the social norms that are created based of different demographics.
    example, while in Wyoming all the farmers of a certain area may have not quarantined and instead gone to the bar, that farmer didn’t commute to the city the next day on a packed subway car. Nor did he package boxes that were then shipped to NJ, been opened by a worker, sneezing all the way up to his 7th floor apartment….
    There are truthfully some valid points that he is making, but you must evaluate them, not be taken in by his delivery

  3. When will you stop believing Fake News Conspiracies?
    In other words you’re saying that this year is just like all others?
    Sure, cuz every years there’s refrigerated trucks being filled with bodies forklifted from the hospital and people are being buried in parks and R’ Asher Weiss is getting shailas about burying Yidden in Christian cemeteries and 1000 people in the Tri State area sit shiva the week after Pesach and every day there’s two or three people you know dying for a month straight.
    Avada… happens every year.
    I’m with you all the way… Fake News… okay, lemme get back to reading REAL news about the 50 people in Lakewood who DIDN’T die this month.


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