Watch: Tucker To Ryan: Why’s Congress Working Only 8 Days In April?

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Tucker Carlson, in an interview with Paul Ryan on Fox News, asked the House Speaker why the GOP-led Congress has had such difficulty enacting Donald Trump’s agenda and why lawmakers are taking most of April off with so much to do.




  1. Paul Ryan
    Is the dumbest person I can think of to lead a congress!

    He sounds so stupid when he talks, “we are so excited” bla Bla bla.

    The worst thing Obama did was to cause many conservative republicans to go crazy! They keep saying repeal Obamacare, and let the market fix it. What they fail to realize that the market may fix it for the people who can afford insurance (by lowering cost and getting better care) but the elderly and the poor will be left hanging.

    This is Achzorious (aka Midas Sedom)

    • Oh, you must be one of the many jews, who wanted to have hrc, to be our president but HKB”H had other plans for us, so think before you shoot from your hip

    • Did you forget about Medicare and Medicaid? That’s for the poor and elderly. The new Republican plan is for everyone else.

  2. I usually like Tucker Carlson’s show, but I realized lately that his entire purpose is to put down any guest he has. Paul Ryan had a point. The Senate needs to confirm over 1200 people, and the Democrats are causing problems. Any legislation must go through both the house and the Senate before trump can sign it. So they really can’t do much until the Senate is ready.


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