Watch: Uncovering Hunter Biden’s Art Scheme

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  1. why is this bothering you? someone paid a huge amount for the picture of a banana that had to be replaced every time it got rotten. people who buy his ‘art’ are buying his name; no one is being forced to buy his work. maybe it turns out that the only ‘good’ thing he can do is paint

    • The identities of the purchasers are secret and kept from the public – but probably not secret from Joe Biden. In other words, money could be (and probably is) funneled to Joe Biden, sitting President, through the medium of his son. And because the identities of the purchasers are secret, the public cannot tell what, if anything, sitting President Joe Biden is doing in return for that money. Can you answer this: Just how much did Hunter Biden get for his “art” before Joe Biden became president?


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