Watch: US Journalist Literally Eats His Words On Trump’s Presidential Bid

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DNA India reports: A US journalist has kept his promise of literally eating his words if Donald Trump clinches the Republican presidential nomination as the scribe consumed a nine-course meal featuring newsprint from his column.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank in October last year wrote a column predicting the demise of the 69-year-old billionaire’s presidential ambitions. The headline of the column read, “Trump will lose, or I will eat this column.” “Literally: The day Trump clinches the nomination I will eat the page on which this column is printed in Sunday’s Post,” Milbank wrote last year.

“I have this confidence for the same reason (Mitt) Romney does: Americans are better than Trump,” he had said. The Post writer, of course, was proven wrong earlier this month, when Trump became the Republican party’s presumptive nominee after the Indiana primary.

Milbank delivered on his headline’s promise on Wednesday. The Washington Post carefully curated a nine-course meal to document the occasion including newspaper chilaquiles, dumplings, falafel, steaks, the way Trump likes them, and even a Trump Tower-inspired taco bowl.

The dishes, prepared by the head chef at Washington’s Del Campo restaurant, Victor Albisu, creatively incorporated newspaper pages into the recipes — with some of the ink “mercifully well-ground” into the steak’s chimichurri sauce, or sprinkled into the guacamole topping the taco bowl, or mixed into the chickpeas of the falafel, CBS News reported.

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  1. Very cute.

    Trump can now sleep more secure. Mustard was apparently not added but the steak must still have been better that a true Trump presidency.

    I would rather eat my nightly nine pages of Trump criticism than see him and Melania drink their toast in the White House to the hate that they create.

    Given the pepto bismal, one thinks it will sell out with Trump in office. Make your humanity joyful and vote Hillary. She might only make us eat good promises of a better economy. I will open up more wine.


  2. To anon. You really think she’ll improve the economy? Only for those living off Uncle Sam. We have 2 awful choices but personally I think Ttump will be the one who possibly can impact the economy positively.

  3. It’s a chilling development that Trump would force a journalist to literally eat his words. This man is a danger to Freedom of the Press!


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