Watch: Vicente Fox Insists Mexico Will Not Pay For Border Wall

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  1. While it may be quite difficult to force Mexico to actually pay for the wall, the amount of construction workers here illegally is more than enough to provide free labor to erect that barrier. Instead of simply deported, they should be arrested for unlawful entry, and made to work.
    Not nice? And living illegally in another country is?

  2. let’s analyze this carefully. who, pray tell, is this vicente fox to begin with? he was the president of mexico between 2000-2006—OVER 11 YEARS AGO? this would be the same thing as our “glorious” past president, bill clinton, making a prediction as to what’s going to take place in the Trump administration! sounds ludicrous, right? because it IS ludicrous! statements by vicente fox mean absolutely nothing today.

  3. Just assess an additional 15% “wall tax” on all money transfers to Mexico and other Latin American countries that contribute to major numbers of illegal population in this country. The illegals send money home; let a part of this money be used to build the wall. In other words: let the illegals pay for stopping the flow of illegal immigration.
    Another option: require banks to verify the immigration status of all checking account holders, then charge all illegals a 10k “wall tax” fine directly out of their checking accounts. Banks already collect all kinds of invasive information for the government, verifying the immigration status won’t be such a big deal.
    Another option: require landlords, by federal law, to submit all tenant information for a free federal immigration status check, the information would be available for immigration purposes exclusively and not for IRS or other government agencies, assess a “wall tax” of $500/month on all rentals to illegals, which would then be required to be added to rent charged on top of any local law llimits on rent increases. Hence the illegals will pay for the wall with their rent payments.
    The possibilities are endless. Just a matter of will.

  4. there are many things he can do. the united states has unlimited leverage on mexico its just a matter of how you want to use it


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