Watch: What Is Causing The White House’s Loyalty Problem?


Political panel weighs in on ‘America’s News HQ.’



  1. Lies, lies, lies.

    Why should any citizen split loyalty between G-d and man? This is exactly what Hitler demanded and it was shown by the Nazi salute.

    Trump wants loyalty. Great. Buy his steak and wine. That is lawful loyalty. Professing he is the full great of the era is false. One must put full loyalty to Hashem only.

    We have no other king.

    Great era. Even Hillary let you have your own mind.

    Ever hear of Daiquiri? Its the best loyalty you will get.

    Best wishes.

    Trump is crime.

    • Did you forget to take your meds and claim that Hillary(!) would let you have your own mind and have loyalty in G-d?! What alternate reality are you from? So on your planet Hillary is not an evil socialist-fascist hitlerian-stalinist witch?

      • Too much television? The electricity is starting to beg your brain to be violent. Welcome to all the reasons no one cares about the dreaming eye.

        Feckless republican hate radical.


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