Watch: Yomim Noraim Medley – Freilach Band, Shira Choir, Shloime Daskal, Ahrele Samet, Pinky Weber, S Brodt


As we prepare for the Yomim Nora’im, get into the Yom Tov spirit and watch this brand new Freilach production, performed last Tuesday by 40 musicians at a extravagant wedding in Lake Terrace.

The medley was the brainchild of Freilach’s own Tzvi Blumenfeld who, together with Yoeli Horowitz from Shira Choir, put together an array of popular and beloved Yomim Nora’im songs to be performed on this massive stage by some of the biggest names in Jewish Music.

Watch, share and enjoy!

Song Credits:
#1 – Shema Koleinu
Composed by Reb Chaim Banet
#2 – Areshes
#3 – Ve’yeida
Composed by The Pitzburger Rebbe
#4 – B’rosh Hashanah
Composed by Mona Rosenblum
#5 – Malachei Rachamim
Composed by Pinky Weber
#6 – Avul Melech Elyon
Composed by Pinky Weber
#7 – Zeh Chalifusi
Composed by Lipa Schmeltzer
#8 – Ve’Yesoiee
Composed by Shlomo Carlebach
#9 – B’rosh Hashanah
Composed by MBD
#10 – Avinu Malkeinu
#11 – Melech
Composed by Mona Rosenblum

Video Credits:
Music by Freilach Band/Avrumi Schreiber
Arrangements transcribed by Tzvi Blumenfeld
Sung by Shloime Daskal, Ah’rele Samet, Pinky Weber, Shulem Brodt
Vocals by Shira Choir
Vocals Conducted by Yoeli Horowitz
Mixed by V-Gold Beat Productions
Live Sound by Ilya Lishinsky, Yisru Freishtat
Video by Motty Engel
Drum Tech by Yossi Mendlowitz
Event Coordination by Y. Jaffe
Public Relations: Sruly Meyer
Press: Pinny Blumenfeld/The Hashtag Group



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