Weeks After Being Displaced, Family Living in School Dormitory

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Weeks have passed since the tragic fires which destroyed the Israeli town of Moshav Mevo Modi’im. Many of the survivors, through family connections, or successful GoFundMe-style campaigns, have been able to successfully relocate their families. Some, however, have not been so fortunate.

One such family is the Sorias clan, a young mother and father and their 6 children, who are still living in the temporary school dormitories. The fire was a particularly harsh blow to their extended family, who had lived on the moshav for three generations.
All 8 of the Sorias family members are currently living in a single room. Mother Sima is a teacher in a school for special needs children, and father Avi works as a medic. So far, their monthly wages have not begun to lift them from the tremendous financial loss that came with losing all of their material belongings.
“One day you wake up in the morning, you go out to work,” says Sima, “you want to come home, but there is nowhere to return to.”
Donations are being accepted now to help the Sorias family move into an apartment, purchase basic furniture, appliances, and all of the other essential items which make up a person’s daily life.
“Our children ask me: ‘Ima, when will we go home?’”
If the family is successful in receiving help, the answer may be “soon.” Only time, however, will tell.



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