Weiner at Masbia: ‘I Have No One To Blame For This Situation But Me’

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anthony-weinerA Marist Poll conducted after Anthony Weiner’s latest scandal was revealed shows the former congressman has slipped to second. Weiner now trails City Council Speaker Christine Quinn by 9 points, 25 percent to 16 percent. Last month when Marist last conducted a mayoral poll, Weiner had a five-point edge over Quinn.

In this latest survey, Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson are tied for third with 14 percent, just two points behind Weiner.

The poll found 47 percent of Democrats want Weiner to stay in the race, while 43 percent want him to drop out.

“For many Democrats the latest revelations about Anthony Weiner are more of the same, only more so,” says Lee Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “Weiner has lost his lead and his negatives are at an all-time high.”

The poll also found Weiner 55 percent of Democratic voters have an unfavorable impression of the former congressman, a 19-point jump from last month’s poll. Three in ten voters have a favorable opinion of Weiner, the poll found.

Nearly half of those polled – 46 percent – say Weiner’s scandal will impact their vote.

When questioned whether Weiner deserves a chance at redemption, 47 of those polled said they believe he deserves another chance in the public arena while 45 percent disagree and say he does not have the character to be mayor.

The poll was conducted by interviews on July 24th, 2013 the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percent.

Still, Weiner remains determined to continue his bid for New York City mayor despite growing calls for him to drop out of the race over his latest scandal.

Speaking today while volunteering at the Masbia of Flatbush soup kitchen in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, he continued his defiant tone.

“You want names of people, right? I’m not going to do that. If someone wants to bring themselves out, why should I drag them into this? Is that what you want, names of people?” he pushed back.

“You can question my judgment. I didn’t lie to the people of the city of New York and say I wasn’t going to overturn term limits. I didn’t express the judgment to the people of the city of New York as part of my official job that I would not do something and then do it to give myself an additional term of office and the mayor an additional term,” said Weiner.

Weiner added the conversation should continue to be about record and vision for the future, not about personal matters.

“My mistakes are manifest. They are in the context of my personal behavior in the privacy of my home. They became public and I brought it upon myself. I have no one to blame for this situation but me,” he said.

Weiner again brushed off such calls to resign and kept up his campaign schedule Wednesday evening. He was greeted with boos as he took the stage with several other mayoral candidates at a public housing meeting at Bronx Community College.

“People have to make their decision,” he said. “There’s more time in this campaign. I’m going to keep talking about the issues facing the middle class and those struggling to make it.”

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  1. People should withdraw their support for Hamasbia afetr they allowed such a low-life to come in the community. We can’t stop him if he wants to show up, but to make a big hoopala from him. How will you expalin it to the kids in yeshiva?

    Here we have 100,000 people in Citifield to describe the poosible evils of internet. and then we bring in the worst of ones actions. What exactly was Hasmasbia thinking???

  2. Poilitician cant be trusted a lot off them have things hidden in their closets you have to look at their positions on diffeent issues religious financial etc

  3. He did not publicize this. Others did. Is it a mitzvah to now rub it in and embarrass him? Chas veshalom.

    Unlike one of the other candidates, who openly flouts her toeivah lifestyle, at least he has some shame, bushah, and didn’t/doesn’t advertise what he did. Leave him be.

  4. Ira – You bring up a valid point and a lesson in Dan Lechaf Zechus as well as reminding the tzibur that every Yid is capable of Teshuva. Still, I worry about how our Kehilla would look if we do not stand firm on this seminal issue.

  5. Valid,But–The man is a pervert, married to a non-jew, and is causing a chillul Hashem very time he opens his lieing mouth. There is no reason to be Dan lechaf Zechus, as you suggest.

  6. to number 8. you are dangerous! closing our eyes and letting him be will put a menuval who has no busha at all into office. As frum yidden we are supposed to base all our actions including our votes on Torah guidelines. I am 100% sure there is no precedent in the Torah for allowing such a menuval into our society. We should all be embarrassed at this story!

  7. shame on you – call me naive, but I just hold by Mah Hu Rachum, Af Atah Rachum. still, I question your judgment, especially since you failed to see the fallacy in my initial argument


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