What the Media Won’t Tell You: George Floyd Had ‘Violent Criminal History’

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The head of the Minneapolis police union says George Floyd’s “violent criminal history” needs to be remembered and that the protests over his death are the work of a “terrorist movement,” the NY Post reports.

“What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this,” police union president Bob Kroll told his members in a letter posted Monday on Twitter.

Floyd had landed five years behind bars in 2009 for an assault and robbery two years earlier, and before that, had been convicted of charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs, the Daily Mail reported.

Floyd died last week after a white cop kneeled on the 46-year-old black man’s neck for nearly 9 minutes, a shocking incident that was caught on video and is sparking widespread violent protests, including in New York City. Floyd had allegedly just tried to pass a phony $20 bill before he died. Read more at the Post.




  1. What does this have to the with the fact that he was killed for passing a fake $20 bill? גניבה is not מחייב מיתה even if someone committed crimes prior.

    • When he robs you and assaults you don’t call the cops because he is too nice to be charged with the crime. This man had drugs in his system and let me tell you if he assaults one person he will do another to get what he wants.

      • Yep! No one talks about the strength people feel when on drugs. I’m sorry he died but he WAS resisting arrest and almost knocked the cop backwards when he was getting handcuffed. Those cops looked like short people when standing next to him. The cops should have just let him g

      • He was a dangerous gun toting, drug addict menace to society. My guess he was still sitting outside that store waiting to rob it since his counterfeit money scheme didn’t work. He made a life of criminal behavior. What he did to that pregnant women will scar her for life.. where’s her comfort and money for her loss ? Besides morphine most likely stopped his heart as it does to hospice patients…….FREE DEREK CHAUVIN……

        • Pardon me, ANONYMOUS (friggin coward) but your racisim is showing. He was UNARMED and hadn’t committed a crime in 11 years. So Jews who were thieves and were killed during the holocaust don’t matter? Is that what I am understanding????

          • I think that George should not be made out as the hero and face of black lives matter! The police should and are charged and that is fitting. But other men have been arrested and died that were innocent. Don’t make a drug addicted person a hero for a worthy cause….my opinion and I have faced prejudice.

      • So true, Most people have no idea how some drugs make a person so much stronger and how much force is needed to put them down and to keep them there if they were trying to resist arrest.

    • Because, presumably, the arresting officers knew of his violent past (with firearm no less) and treated him as a presumed dealt menace. And the problem is these violent criminals learn to use (and presumably have used) every trick to escape, such as screaming “Let me go. I can’t breathe”. That from a secular perspective (dina demalchusa dina).

      You throwing in a mirage of halacha in to the discussion is not only inappropriate (there is no apparent Jewish involvement in this), but your assertions as to what halacha has to say is absolutely false.

    • Tipash! Tell that to Blacks that wrote on Synagogues in LA”Jews where prime in slave trade.” “”Therefore we can deface!”
      13 Jews were assaulted in Brooklyn and New Jersey, Two were murdered! WHERE WAS OUT CRY?

    • It is a statement that the professional agitators and the media are hiding the true characher of Mr. Floyd. Any death is a tragic loss, however censorship and media manipulation is also a tragic loss.

    • It has nothing to do with his victim hood or his murderers’ guilt. But it has plenty to say about the morons who are trying to make that make that home invader a hero! Of course when confronted with facts they will respond with their racist, racist mantra.

    • Typical left wing response, the demos were or orchestrated on the grounds GF was a kind, gentle earth bound angel. I hope no one in your family gets brutalised by someone similar, although saying that I guess if you did, you’d smother him in kisses and invite him back for tea and crumpets.

    • If he had not passed the $20. bill, the cop’s would not have been called and George would still be alive today. Like Biden say’s only 10 or 15% of us are bad people. That would make Floyd what %, maybe a100,000th or 200,000th of a percent Biden thinks should not be.

    • When you think about it had he used a fake 20 dollar bill he wouldn’t have been having the cops after him. Sure what the cop did was wrong don’t get me wrong but keep that in mind when you touch this subject.

    • That’s not what that article says ‍♂️ Here’s translation of most of the article…
      A video was widely shared on social networks, showing an arrest which took place at around 9 p.m. on Thursday, May 28, in the Fougères district of the 20th district, at the corner of Léon Frapié and Fougères streets. We can see a man lying on his back, handcuffed, surrounded by several policemen who, to keep him on the ground, have violent and dangerous gestures. We see a police officer resting his knee on the person’s neck. It was precisely this gesture, sustained for long minutes, that caused the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This method of immobilization is extremely dangerous and should urgently be prohibited. I hope that the person who has suffered this violence, whether or not he has committed it, is in good health. The video also shows the presence of security officials from the Paris City Hall, who, according to testimonies collected on the ground, tried to prevent those present from filming.

      I ask at least the Prefect of Police to initiate an internal police investigation.
      I challenge the Mayor of Paris and her assistant in charge of security, Colombe Brossel, on the role allocated to the agents of the City of Paris: filming a police operation on the public highway is not prohibited by law.
      I contacted the Paris Human Rights League, which initiated the creation of the Paris Observatory of Public Freedoms, to suggest that they contact the Defender of Rights, and told them that I was available to support and relay their approaches
      I strongly encourage all those who may have been present at the time of the event to testify and I asked Perm ‘Belleville, for their experience in supporting victims of police violence, to support residents. es de Fougères and young people who wish to defend their rights.

  2. I’m not sure why this was information is relevant, I get that he’s not a tzaadik but that doesn’t allow the cop to kill him, on the other hand even if he was completely innocent that’s not a justification for looting stores and violence

      • Agree, but this guy is no Martyr. Hes a Thug. But I agree the Police was not better. He should just have been locked up and end of story. This was a great excuse though for his fellows Thugs to loot stores and take over towns. Floyd dies in the name of looters.

    • the cop didnt kill him with intent cops are presented with an impossible job. imagine if he had let up when the man was saying i cant breathe and that man took that chance where he let up to overturn that cop steal his firearm and kill him or any of the bystanders. all these people are thinking of this as an every day person holding down an every day person. no im sorry but this was a cop who is faced with life and death decisions every day and i am not saying this cop handle this situation correctly because the moment the man became unresponsive he should have let up and assessed him BUT the knee to the neck is legal to do there from what i understand and with prior history with that man and his violent past of robberies at gunpoint or involvement with drugs and the fact he did have drugs in his system when he died… and had heart disease all of this is included in his death. heart disease with drugs in system that will further his risk of heart failure especially in anxiety filled stressful situations. not to mention if he had recently had covid his body may still be healing and easily overwhelmed. when it comes down to it when he went unresponsive the cop should have assessed him but other than that the cop made a choice to not listen to a man who can overtake him if he were to let up on him. these are men and women who put their lives at risk every day for us and we need to start realizing we are not put into the life and death situations that these guys are put into every day their thought process is different their thought process doesnt contain the oh this man might be a nice man… no its a this man has a history that the cop knew of and knowing that history probably played a big role into why the cop didnt listen to him saying i cant breath. there are probably hundreds of times a cop has given in let loose on a man who said he couldnt breathe and that man took the cops life or fought back and injured the cop or others around. the man was a criminal and should not have died but he did and i dont see it as the cops fault he died and i do agree with you that even if the man was a stand up citizen to ruin other peoples properties for this is insane. they are ruining innocent peoples businesses and lives by doing this.

  3. Why are you being מוציא לעז on הצדיק התמים נקי כפים ובר לבב אשר אין גומרים עליו את ההלל, מר. פלויד זי”ע?

    A shandeh!

    Even a big עם הארץ like Rev. Alfred Sharpton Jr. (aka Al Sharpton) knows that אחרי מות-קדושים, that George is now is a קדוש וטהור, קדוש מרחם, and it is אסור בשום אופן להזכיר החטאים שלו, בפרט אחר שנפטר מן העולם באופן שנעשה קדוש לעמו בני חם, והוא בגדר זדונות נעשים לו כזכויות זי”ע

  4. חמשה דברים צוה כנען את בניו אהבו זה את זה ואהבו את הגזל ואהבו את הזמה ושנאו את אדוניכם ואל תדברו אמת

    • Yep. Oscar Grant befriended stray pit bulls in East Oakland (nobody brown or black would dare even approach a stray pit bull in East Oakland becauuuse…. they may like be afraid, sick, or may take a chunk outta your leg or something?
      Now nobody i mean, NOBODY in a ghetto neighborhood would come within biting distance… but St. Oscar did. Yup right there in the movie: Fruitvale Station. He did a multiyear sentence in San Quentin, but, ya know… for a misunderstanding. Because everybody know ya go to Quentin for jaywalking. Let’s not talk about evading police with a loaded .380 while on parole– yeah this IS NOT JAIL; it’s prison. Following the steps of his daddy who is doing time in solano state prison, but gets cell phones movies beer mysteriously delivered by the Keebler Elves. But these are honorable men. All I have to say, is that if I even thought of doing ONE of the crimes these dears recorded in the CII (Criminal Incident Investigation) report they would throw away the key. Damn it’s good to be gansta…er SAINT… OSCAR!

  5. Whatever his past history was it had nothing to do with the fact that he died after having someone kneel on his neck for eight minutes, refusing to take the pressure off of Floyd’s airway even as he gasped “I can’t breathe”.
    I strongly support the police and believe they should always be given the benefit of the doubt, but that doesn’t mean ignoring the facts in a case like this one.

    • spot on. But the common disgruntlement in this thread is that all sorts of politcal groups are trying to capitalize and gain mileage out of this, making GF a saint of some sort. The cops – led by Chauvin – were wrong and to be brought to justice in a cerebral way. However, please don’t make him out to be a choirboy.

    • It doesn’t. But they did have a history with him… that same cop worked at the same nightclub he worked. If it’s like any nightclub I’ve ever been to, there’s a bunch of criminal activity goes on around it. I would put money that the cop was involved in those fake bills somehow and wanted to take his chances on getting acquitted on manslaughter rather than a full on corruption investigation. It’s not a justification by any means and might not even be the case, but it would go some ways to explain the situation.

  6. “What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this,”

    Why should they?

    I never thought George Floyd was a Tzadik but his being a criminal has no relevance to his death due to an alleged act of second degree manslaughter by a policeman. No need for distracting details about his personal unexemplary life.

    • It surely does. The media is trying to act as if the officers sought him out and treated him the way they did because he was black. That is not true. And now it is the excuse for constant criminal activity in his name. As is goes in life. Do not put yourself in the situation and it will not happen. First… The officers were in neglect and should be prosecuted. However they are trained and considered him as a possible dangerous individual based on his past record. That is how they react no matter the color of someones skin. It is based on his background. The only difference is when it happens to a white man or anyone else it is not in the media attention as it does not give political fodder and ratings. You cannot pick and choose what is important when considering a situation. Again I say the officers are at fault and need to be prosecuted by the law. And I repeat it was not racially motivated. It was bad police officers not controlling the situation.

  7. This is a shameless attempt to justify a homicide by police. None of the things Floyd did are death penalty offenses, Minnesota hasn’t even had a death penalty for over a century, and the idea that police can administer a summary execution is the kind of things that fascists approve of. Had Floyd been Jewish, we would be rioting!

      • exactly. stop getting things twisted. no one is arguing that the cops didn’t unjustly kill him. they’re getting what they deserve, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you people to prop floyd up as a saint of some kind. this dude was a total scumbag that deserved far worse than the time he served. just not in the way of an unjust police murder. using this dude to push a false narrative of racism in america and rioting/looting just shows what kind of people you are. how many people died because of the riots? last i checked 13. some of which were black people who were ACTUAL outstanding members of society. UNLIKE FLOYD. but you don’t care about their murders and won’t condemn the riots and looting. in fact what makes you think the cops that killed floyd did it because of racial reasons? any proof that they were racist?

  8. That’s only half the story……………This low-life put a loaded gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach. He was a danger to society.

  9. everyone seems to forget that floyd was not a paragon of virtue. certainly, he did not deserve to die for his criminal activity, but let the world remember that ,initially, he brought this on himself

    • He brought it on himself did he? Racism is a crime, and I suspect you’re a racist.

      Should I kill you? After all, you made this comment which made me suspect you of it, you brought it on yourself didn’t you?

    • Best post EVER !. And this will not stop. Cops have a family too ! These days if you hit my Black car you are racist, why could you not not hit a white car ? Floyd was as much a criminal as the cop that killed him. In my book, we are minus 2 bad people on earth and we need more of this. I’m hoping CORONA will do the rest. Unless CORONA is racist too.

  10. Why does it matter? How does it factor in his killing?
    Does his past justify what was done to him?
    The police do not have any role or power to punish people for their crimes. That is the role of the courts.
    If a person has a know history of violence it is reasonable to take that into account in deciding how to detain or arrest him. It is obvious that that is not what happened to George Floyd. Once he was being held down the officers certainly could have cuffed him. There is absolutely no justification for what was done, regardless of his history.

    • He was handcuffed…what no one is talking about is how did he get on the ground, I’d like to see that video. The strength of a person on drugs sometimes is scary….mr Floyd had COVID-19, Fentanyl, methamphetamines…certainly did not help You see when I first saw video, I quickly reacted and hated the cop… I was thinking if in fact he is putting a lot of pressure on his neck he could paralyze him

      In my line of work I’ve had to be very careful in body mechanics…the officer had his right knee on the ground, his left knee did come up a couple times when mr Floyd said he couldn’t breathe…then the camera was aimed at trash can and then moved and aimed at street, then guy from store came out started talking about seeing him breathing and the loud guy you hear in video tells him go back inside you haven’t been here…very intimidating where you could tell guy got scared and started agreeing with guy that first said he can’t breathe, then we’ll you know. I am against police brutality 1000% but I also believe cops lives also matter.

  11. Obviously, the cop didn’t have a right to be the jury, judge, and the executioner. However, Floyd was a violent thug. Basically, one thug(in the uniform) killed another thug. Both sides are the enemy of law and order. No tears shed here.

  12. That could all be true but he was cuffed and posed to danger to the officers you cant kill someone for just the fact that their a criminal

  13. This is completely irrelevant it’s not ok for a cop to kill someone just because they have a criminal history and on the other hand it’s not ok to loot stores and beat up random cops just because some cop acted out of hand.

  14. Of course his criminal history is important. First of all he died not because he passed a 20 dollar bill, he died due to a series of events perpetuated by his resistance that the media is not showing you. When officers looked at his criminal history, they are VIOLENT crimes, not petty. He is to be considered dangerous, and you couple that with the factor that he just committed another felony, and he’s uncooperative and he’s resisting and a struggle ensues. Don’t be a menace to society and maybe these kind of things won’t happen .

    Hopefully these officers will get a good lawyer.

    • i hope they do… i think the cop who held him down tho should have let up when he became unresponsive and assessed him but to throw murder charges at him is insane there were so many factors that lead to this mans death that doesnt make it the cops fault because this man decided to commit a crime on a day that he was on drugs and healing from covid19 among many other things. If i thought i had a chance to NOT get killed i would protest for their fair treatment in all this

      • No it isn’t. A private autopsy was conducted and he died from asphyxiation and blood flow being cut off from his head. The cop didn’t react to the situation properly and ended up killing him. He was handcuffed and unresponsive in his last 2-3 minutes. Even before that you could see him struggling less and less. That was when they should have gotten off his neck. Remember, they have either a gun, taser or both so you can still subdue him if needed(i.e. shot in the foot or hand or some other non vital body part or tasered).

    • We can’t presume that, with his history. What the cop did was wrong on so many levels and he should have handled it professionally. He was on a power trip. But it goes both ways here. Both could have handled it better. All we can do is learn from this and hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  15. His death was inhuman and the police need to be tried and given sentences.
    But George Floyd should not be revered as a wonderful person – he was not.

  16. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by the majority of people here acknowledging that his past is irrelevant to what happened to him. To the others, as an oppressed people, you should be selfishly opposed to what happened to him. Because replace one minority with another and it’s you next.

    • this was not his fault all these fools out here acting this way will push more and more people to vote for trump AGAIN because I AM SO TIRED OF YOUR VICTIM NARRATIVE!

  17. All the media portray him as a martyr, a loving husband and father. Is this relevant with the case?

    Not at all, but this sells much better then an guy with criminal activities, who sold drugs.

    • Agreed. Its not just about the case anymore. It’s the fact that he represents a cause that has spread across the world. I Understand it was the cherry on top, I also think people just don’t know what to with with themselves right now and now have something to focus on during covid restrictions finally lifting. Just wish it was more of a figure everyone could look up to a bit more.

  18. I don’t think it’s an attempt to justify what happened but it does show the character of many of the people. I mean I am sure after 13 years of crime he was turning his life around. I think everyone should need to be a cop for 6 months to a year and lets see how your views change.

    • They do, but much less because of their white privilege. While there are some police brutality killings that happen to white people, the racism and hate of black people is what makes these killings so common.

  19. Why are so many blacks in Jail? Because blacks commit more crimes than others. There, I said it. Truth hurts, don’t it liberals?

  20. I know if anyone held a gun to my daughter’s pregnant belly I’d happily put my hands around their neck until they chocked. I always thought there was more to this story. Loosen your grip slightly and you have a gun pointing at you. He was a big guy, a drug addict with an extremely violent history, the truth will out.

  21. The media has their own agenda and will promote news stories to fit their narrative. While i believe it was a horrific thing to have happen his past certainly has relevance. If he was stopped repeatedly for just being black i would be outraged. This cancer did all kinds of nasty things and apparently was still doing them. He had a daughter at home and repeatedly broke the laws, took drugs and held a pregnant women at gunpoint! When i had my first child i stopped riding motorcycles so as to hopefully lower my chances of dying so i could raise my kids. This bozo kept up with his nefarious actions even though he had children at home. He also appeared to be on this self destructive path for many years. To sum up my thoughts, the cop was and is a murderer. The victim was a dirtbag and didnt care enough to stop his dirtbag ways even for his daughter. I agree people should protest but when they block traffic and riot,murder,burn,assault their fellow man or property they need to be thrown in jail and given appropriate punishments.

  22. To the first commentor:
    You are an emese am haaretz; the halacha is, if a goy steals he is chayiv misah. Please I beg of you keep your am arutzus to your self-dont shtell it.

  23. I don’t think this article it trying to find the justification for what happened. I believe they are giving this information to enlighten people on the type of person he actually was. All we see in the media is how is was a stand up citizen, not saying on occasion he wasn’t a great guy to his close friends and family. It’s difficult for others to support a cause that models a person that has done criminal acts. It should be a role model or someone that we can actually look up to that should be the face of such an action.
    I understand everyone has their views and opinions. Don’t go all comment crazy on me, I’m just trying to point out what anyone on here may be overlooking and hope I bring light to some. If you don’t understand my views than just don’t comment.

  24. The problem with this country is only half the story is ever published. There are TWO sides to every story, and maybe three (the truth). We are only told what they want you to hear. I am appalled at the destruction and abuse toward the police officers trying to keep peace. I say they should all quit their jobs and you all can burn down your cities and kill each other cause that’s what they want to happen!

  25. The best part about all of this is the 17 year old kid working the cash register at the Cup foods store according to the recorded 911 call after noticing that he accepted the $20 piece of monopoly money with the ink still wet as payment from George for cigarettes he saw Mr Floyd still parked out front of the store so he went out and said politely hey man just give me the cigarettes back that you just paid for with the bogus money and I won’t even call the cops , too which George replied ,NOPE I’am keeping the smokes ,you would think with his violent crime felony and mile long criminal history that he would have just given the cigarettes back and drove away avoiding another possible felony ,not George he remained parked in front of the store until the cops arrived , well its pretty clear he was given every possible chance and he started the chain reaction that led to the result , I can’t believe with his viscous gun crime against a women that any women would get behind the man but I have been proven wrong once again . there is a form of justice in between right and wrong and I think this is one of those times . I’am not defending the cops in anyway as it sounds like they may have had there own problems with aggression but I just wanted to offer a different look at things . it sounds simplistic but maybe the old saying ,live by the sword die by the sword covers it best .

    • Bhaaaaaabhaaaa look all the sheep ok it’s sad the guy died the cops were wrong but really we know once ur profiled its never fair for any color. I’m a recovering addict no trouble in years but people only remember my past. Last thing I have to say shouldn’t all lives .

  26. The police can tell you all about domestic violence, though they will never be charged because? Beat up any more 14 yr old girls in a class room, interesting articles about the violence the police give to MINORS / CHILDREN.

  27. If you are a convicted felon on drugs committing a crime eventually you are going to have a bad encounter with the police. He had this coming. I will not shed a tear for this thug. The latest snowflakes have drunk the koolaid

  28. What’s truly sad is that these officer’s all contributed to this man’s death & because of them innocent officer’s in this nation who had NOTHING to do with this incident nor any of the others will be targeted & blamed. Not all officer’s abuse their authority it’s only a few & because of those few, all of them take the heat. It’s too bad people in America don’t take the same notion when some over rated, over paid athlete, who will never put themselves in harms way to protect a stranger, isn’t thought of in the same way when they commit a crime. When they beat their wives, rape a woman, pull a gun on someone or worse, not all of them are blamed. They are thought of as “role models” just because they hand out food or water or give money or hold a youth camp but do they really put themselves in harms way besides risk injury to themselves by being an athlete?!?! Not really! They do it for the money & fame. Would they really go out there & take a bullet for you? No they’d send a body guard out there instead!!! It’s a shame how Americans glorify the wrong people. You don’t see any of them out there right now defending the cities that are being looted & destroyed, getting shit thrown at them. Nope their sitting back in the comfort of their mansions stirring the pot!!!

  29. The 2009 robbery, was of a female they knew who stole from them. She was never assualted, restrained or hit. That was 11 years. He did his time. His other arrest were drug possession and petty theft. What does someones past have to do with murder. George, a reformed man had his life in order, was making videos advocating for peace and putting down guns and loving one another. Who was a security guard who would be sad when patrones didnt hug him. He wasnted resisting and was murdered in cold blood. Saying otherwises proves you are either

    A. A racist
    B. A moron
    C. A racist moron

    Again for the dumb righties, George didnt commit any crimes for 11 years. He was a reformed man who was peaceful. He never resisted. A man that big vs cops that small on “drugs” would of never allowed cops to stand him up, put cuffs on him, walk him 100 ft across the street all with no struggles, put him in the truck, then take him put after beating on him in the truck. They get him down, cuffed with no resistance and proceed to kill him.

    • You obviously have not seen the footage of Floyd resisting when they tried to put him in the car. You also missed the bags of drugs (probably coke) he ditched when they first got him out of his car. Used counterfeit money and when store assistant came out and asked him for the cigarettes back he refused. Sounds like a reformed man, not!

    • I’m not justifying his death, but we have to be opened minded that there is more to the story. I don’t think the cop said to himself, I’m going to kill this black guy, by choking him in front of all these people. come on, really Don’t tell me you are one of those people that think everything someone nonblack says u twist into racist. Yes I said you people, take it the wrong way if u like that’s your problem.

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