White House Still Blaming Bush for Economic Woes

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jay-carneyWhite House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that the U.S. economy has not recovered three years after the end of the recession. Despite this admission, Carney still saw fit to blame former President George W. Bush.

“I think people are still hurting. I think the economy has not recovered, and it’s not where it needs to be,” Carney said at his daily White House press briefing Wednesday.

Carney said the country was still “emerging” from a recession, despite the fact that the recession ended exactly three years ago in June 2009.

Carney pointed to a recent report from the Federal Reserve Board that found that median household net worth had declined by almost 40 percent from 2007 to 2010 – a fact he said highlighted the severity of the 2007-2009 recession.

“That is a terrible situation, and I think it highlights the kind of economic situation we found ourselves in, in 2008 and that this president confronted when he took office in 2009,” he said.

Carney then proceeded to criticize Bush, lashing out with a litany of Democratic caricatures of Bush’s policies.

“And if I may, it elucidates why we cannot sensibly adopt the policies that helped create a situation where median household wealth dropped 40 percent in a little over a year,” he said.

“So why adopt policies that say ‘You know what? Let’s let the financial industry write its own rules again. Let’s repeal Wall Street reform. Let’s let credit card companies have their way with consumers. Health insurance companies? Go for it! Take advantage of people again – because it worked so well in the first decade of this [century],” Carney added.

Carney neglected to mention that the recession ended after only six months of President Obama’s first term in office and since that time unemployment has remained high, never falling below 8.1 percent in the past three years.

Further, while the 2007-2009 recession was severe, it was not caused by credit card companies or health insurers, contrary to Carney’s claim that those things “helped create” the recession.

In fact, according to the Fed report Carney alluded too, the 40 percent reduction in median household net worth was due to the collapse of the housing bubble and the drastically lower real estate prices that resulted.

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  1. Its really the native american indians fault 400 years ago. They used bows and arrows which in turn affected the weather which inturn affected todays reasonable and logical thinking process. Obama is not to be blamed for his condition.
    Jackie Mason the comedian is aware of this and will give his analysis.

  2. I don’t know whether or not this guy is right, but I do know that all parties are guilty of blaming the predecessors for all problems. Rush Limbaugh was blaming Clinton for everything for years after he left the presidency. For all I know, he may still be doing that. I stopped listening to Rush because it got so boring hearing about Clinton for years and years.No one can accept responsibility, neither Democrats or Republicans.

  3. 2. Talk about someone who comments without knowing what they are commenting about. Yes, Rush blamed Clinton for a number of things but Rush is an entertainer. He is NOT the president blaming his predecessor over and over and over. OblameO is a big fat baby who cant take any blame for himself.


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