WHO Declares H1N1 Flu Pandemic Over


swine-fluNearly a year after the H1N1 flu spread around the world and killed thousands, the World Health Organization has declared that pandemic is over now. In a press conference, WHO Director General Margaret Chan said that the world had come out of the sixth phase of the pandemic alert. “We are now moving into the post-pandemic period,” Chan said and added an international public health emergency on the H1N1 virus was not required.The announcement came following an advice from WHO’s advisory emergency committee under the chairmanship of Australian infectious diseases expert John Mackenzie.

WHO spokesman on flu, Keiji Fukuda, also said that his organization does not consider the H1N1 influenza virus a possible cause for another pandemic even in the event of future severe outbreaks in different parts of the world.

Last year’s flu affected some 214 countries and claimed more than 18,000 lives. t was first found in Mexico and the US in April last year. Despite taking drastic measures like complete one-week shutdown, Mexico could not stop the spread of the virus, provoking the UN body to raise its alerts and ultimately declare a pandemic on June 11, last year.

More than 300 million people received A(H1N1) vaccinations worldwide, according the WHO. In the meantime, the H1N1 influenza killed four people in Indian state of Pune.

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  1. There never was a pandemic to begin with. WHO just made it up to scare people into getting the flu shots to make money for the drug companies. Now that they have lots of leftover flu shots from all the smart people who didn’t get them, they’re going to try and sell them again to prevent getting “this year’s flu”.I didn’t get the shot, my family didn’t get the shot, none of got the flu, and I don’t know anyone else who got the flu either.


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