Who Is Protecting Our Mashgichim In The Field?

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menachem-lubinskyBy Menachem Lubinsky

Last summer a kosher supervisor at a New York restaurant confided in me that he was quite appalled by the filth in the kitchen he was paid to supervise. He said that the owner who “only showed up from time to time” seemed to make light of the situation when he complained and that he was seriously contemplating quitting. I was reminded of my conversation with the mashgiach when I read about Robert Frank, an OU mashgiach at Montefiore Medical Center, who was fired for revealing the filthy state of the kitchen, evidenced by roaches, and the appearance of non-kosher foods and other taboo practices in the kitchen at the Weiler Division.

I have frequently showered accolades at mashgichim who are involved in the thankless job of assuring that a kosher certified facility is indeed kosher. But mashgichim like Frank and the supervisor I met function in a busy and active kitchen. Anyone who has ever been inside a busy kitchen at a restaurant, hospital, or hotel knows that the pace of activity is dizzying. Mashgichim literally have to have 1000 eyes, which is why Frank was part of a team of three mashgichim and a support staff back at the headquarters of the OU. While I don’t know the details of Mr. Frank’s charges, it is clear that mashgichim cannot ignore blatantly unsafe or unhealthy conditions despite the argument that their role is restricted to kashrus. They certainly should not fare any worse than any other worker who is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment.

Mashgichim are notorious for a “hear nothing, see nothing” approach so long as the kashrus is assured. The hospital, of course, denies the charges, but if Mr. Frank is correct, Montifiore is guilty of both being unclean and unkosher, which no kashrus agency can accept.

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  1. So they’ll start a mashgichim union and kashrus will go down the drain, as it was years ago and still is with the establishments that use union mashgichim.

  2. Than you for a job NOT well done in investigating this serious matter. Mr . Lubinsky clearly is basing his comments solely on information that he heard from Mr. Frank and did not take the time to investigate this matter. Your article here seems to indicate that the kitchen at Montefiore is not kosher! Is that what you are saying?!?!?! Please clarify. If it is kosher than you may be doing some serious damage to the hospital and the OU. ( not to mention the countless issurim and loshon harah)

  3. What kashrus organization is Menachem Lubinsky affiliated with? What is his kashrus history? Where does Menachem Lubinsky have the authority to speak on kashrus issues

  4. I cant beleive Matzav is posting this!!! These posts are completley and tottaly destroying the credibility of Montefiore hospital with seemingly zero evidence to the contrary. Can someone please clarify this serious issue? Supposedly this hospital is under the hashgacha of the OU so is it or isnt it kosher?

  5. yes. it is not kosher because there were cockroaches there 2 years ago. i am appalled that the OU didnt pull its hechsher. i mean how can the ou let this travesty go on. who shechted these cockroaches? i ate a grilled cheese w/ a cockroach inside. THATS MIXING MILK AND MEAT. i’m going to throw up now.

  6. Hahahahaha. in one sentence you say you respect outspoken mashgichim who open their mouths. and the next you describe the extensive operation in a kitchen that feeds thousands of people a week that also employs 2 OTHER mashgichim. so the big story here is that there are cockroaches in said kitchen. aha, i see. no no really i see what your saying. ive worked in kitchens all my life and it would be a shock to no one when i tell u that some were dirty. im so glad you have your finger on the pulse of the important issues.

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