Who Tied The Tzitzis?

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A religious former prisoner in Israel has submitted a $27 million class action to the Tel Aviv Regional Court against a tallis and tzitzis factory, which he claims used non-Jewish prisoners to tie tzitzis.

The man says that while in prison, he was astonished to see many non-Jews tying the tzitzis of the company, which claims that all halachic processing of the tzitzis is done by G-d fearing Jews.

The petition included affidavits from two Arab prisoners stating that the company employed them to tie tzitzis.

The company’s founder has responded that the claim is groundless. No tallis left the factory without a hechsher stating that its tzitzis were properly tied, he says. Prisoners were used to pack talleisim or tie their decorative fringes, but allegedly no tzitzis were tied outside the factory.

“We will prove everything in court,” he said.

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  1. This is nothing new. I used to work for a big tallis and tzitzis manufacture here in Brooklyn. The people tying and tightening the tzitzes were special needs men. They are not capable of having the right kavanos. The gullible consumer has no clue of what really goes on.

  2. Yea, those G-dless Zionist judges…. and you would trust the Arab prisoners more. Of course, that makes perfect sense, except what you are saying is that those fine upstanding Arab prisoners, and the ehrliche yid, who just “happened” to be in prison for a while are accusing another frum Jew – the owner of the talis factory of a serious breach in halacha. Arab criminals vs a frum Jew, but you trust the Arabs more, because the court is Zionist? Now, that’s intelligent.

  3. two wrongs dont make a right but the chilul HaShem which this ‘frum’ prisoner made in the first place really makes us a laughing stock

  4. אם הטיל ישראל חוטי הציצית בבגד וכרך החוליה הראשונה וקשר מעליה שני קשרים ולאחר מבן סיים הגוי כריבת שאר החוליות וקשירת שאר הקשרים כשרה הציצית
    הלכה ברורה


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