Why Was Rav Miller’s Head in the Sink?


rmiller3In honor of the yahrtzeit of Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l, today, 27 Nissan:

Rav Avigdor Miller was known for his emphasis on appreciating the wonder and beauty of nature and the vast wisdom of the world that Hashem created among a multitude of other qualities from which we can learn so much. This classic story epitomizes his constant focus on appreciation for Hashem.

¬†Once, a grandchild visited Rav Miller at home and was puzzled to see his grandfather with his face in the sink. After a few minutes, Rav Miller stood up, and breathed deeply. “The air is so wonderful,” he said.

His grandchild said, “Why was your face in the water for so long that you couldn’t even breathe properly?”

Rav Miller said, “On my way home, someone started talking to me and commented that lately, the air has been polluted. I didn’t want my appreciation of Hashem’s air to lessen, so I decided to deepen my appreciation of air. After depriving myself of air for just a short while, I now am even more thankful to Hashem for providing us with such wonderful air (heard from Rav Shmuel Brog).

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  1. There are so many wonderfull stories to be told about hagon harav miller z”tl whyt post such a ridiculous and highly doubtful one.

  2. A lot of people would not need psycologists nor pills for depression if they would take the time to appreciate and be grateful for all the good Hashem gave us.

  3. To Talmid:
    – I’ve heard this a number of times. That it’s quoted besheim Rav Brog especially gives it credibility so I don’t consider it doubtful.
    – Nor do I consider it ridiculous. But then, why don’t you share some of the many wonderful ones you have at hand?

  4. The video on “Fectured Videos” is very nice!
    My father, who was a close talmid of Rabbi Miller, said that the Rebbe would have liked the video.


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