Widow of Legendary Israeli Agent Eli Cohen Calls on Syrian Leader Assad to Return Her Husband’s Body


Nadia Cohen, widow of legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen, called on Wednesday on Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to return her husband’s body to Israel, saying, “I ask for compassion.”

Perhaps Israel’s most famous spy, Eli Cohen was an Egyptian-born Jew who was sent to Syria by the Mossad to infiltrate the top levels of Syrian political and military circles. Throughout the early 1960s, Cohen succeeded brilliantly and the intelligence he provided was believed to have been an enormous asset to Israel in the 1967 Six Day War.

After an extensive counter-intelligence operation, Cohen was captured by Syrian authorities and sentenced to death. He was executed in 1965 and his burial place remains unknown. His family has been trying to retrieve his body ever since.

According to Israel’s Channel Two, in a public address delivered at an international conference in Israel, Nadia Cohen spoke directly to Assad, saying, “Let Eli go free, let his bones go free. I am 83 years old, see us differently, forgive.”

“I thank those who brought me here to stand and speak to Bashar Assad’s heart,” she added.

Speaking of her previous attempts to retrieve her husband’s body, Cohen revealed she had personally contacted the Syrian dictator.

“I had a correspondence with Bashar 18 years ago, and we wrote to him, we photographed my children, my grandchildren, in order to arouse mercy and soften his heart about returning the body. I was happy when he replied that this would take place ‘in time.’ These two words were comforting to me,” she said.

Eli Cohen will be portrayed by British actor Sasha Baron Cohen in an upcoming Netflix series.

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  1. While Eli Cohen’s physical remains may be in Syria, may his almana, Nadia Cohen, and his descendants take comfort in the knowledge that his neshama is undoubtedly in Gan Eden and his memory is forever in the hearts of a grateful Klal Yisroel, who will never forget the bravery, heroism and sacrifice of her husband, z”l. Yehi zichroi boruch.


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