WITH KISHRON: Watch “Yeshivishe” Announcers Call Baseball Game



  1. Ha ha ha ha. Limaaseh it was very well done. I liked the commercials even better than the game. The Geico commercial was mamesh funny. A lot of chuchma was put into this production. I really enjoyed it. I realize that those that put it together have to remain anonymous for shidduchim purposes but kol hakavod.

  2. Things like this used to show up around Purim time, which I guess is in the spirit etc. Now we are bombarded with them all day every day. Why this was posted during the three weeks is beyond me.

  3. Very sad, to even think it’s funny to apply pesukei Torah and chazal to such shtusim. How does this end up on Matzav especially in the three weeks as pointed out? Please remove for your own sake.

  4. I barely started listening and I thought it was boring and wasn’t in good taste. I didn’t even get up to commercials.

  5. Gevaldig. some corny stuff, but ruboi c’kuloi it’s l’hafli laasois.
    Yes, you can gripe about the bizayon HaTorah. But we all understand it’s in jest and not meant real l’amitah shel Torah.

  6. Nebach this is what yungerleit are doing in shiur these days? i admit his bekius and yedios are exellent, so its likley he is in Lakewood. but his yiddish is awful (Uber is a taxi thing, “ubber” is the yiddish word) and doesnt this batlan know that the Bostoner Rebbe is from HarNoif?

    • Very pashut. Because the Cardinals went on to lose to the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. It was the first World Series win for the Red Sox in like 100 years. The curse was off and the oilam in Boston was in a perpetual state of simcha. The Major Leagues had some pretty good players back then. Now it’s all fake.

  7. Truly exhilarating to see worthwhile and unique content on this excellent internet portal. Thank you Matzav, you are a bastion of brilliance within the world wide web, upon which i rely for enrichment and inspiration daily. The talent level demonstrated by this remarkable broadcaster, clearly with experience and skills, is something i truly strive to emulate in my own future endeavors. Baseball is the great American pastime, and the Jewish People owe an enormous debt of gratitude to this great country we live in and thrive in, from the financial wealth it has provided to the proliferation of Torah studies it has enabled in great and historic Jewish communities such as Teaneck, Brooklyn, FiveTowns, Lakewood, and Houston (a propos of the runnersup in this particular game). May the author and announcer, as well as the color commentator of this video gem go from strength to strength, and may all three of them be blessed with continued success in shidduchim and social media for many years to come.

  8. Have you guys been me’ayin in this magid shiurs other videos? Moi’rdika stuff
    Rak chazak ve’aimatz
    Ale veHatZliach

    • I have not seen any other such videos. Would you be so kind as to ensure that Matzav include them at your earliest convenience? The audience would be deeply appreciative I am sure, as the coalescence of religious textual references with the day to day experiences of sports viewing represents the epitome of elevating the mundane, and sanctification of secular pursuits is part of what I feel makes the Matzav domain so remarkable.

  9. Can we spell leiztonus? I am shocked at the utter degradation of Rabbonim, learning, etc – al to make a joke.
    You should be ashamed.

    • I’m sure the mechaber has much yiraas shemayim and made not a single reference here in a disgraceful manner. We should train ourselves to be melamed zchus instead of being marb’e sin’a, especially during the three weeks.

    • Thats what i used to ay about Rephael Calmans when he was wearing a red sox uniform, before he went astray to the Rotten Apple and played for the Reshaim arurim in the Bronx and pitched FulMitDrugs.


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