Yemen President Blames Israel for Arab World Unrest


yemen-president-ali-abdullah-salehYemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Tuesday accused Israel and the United States of fomenting anti-regime revolts throughout the Arab world and attempting to destabilize his country.

“There is an operations rooms in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilizing the Arab world,” Saleh said as he gave a speech at Sanaa University. He explained that the “operations room” is “run by the White House.”

Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered at the university and were joined by opposition groups for the first time.

Yemen’s opposition rejected an offer for a unity government on Monday, saying it would stand with the tens of thousands of protesters demanding an end to Saleh’s 32-year rule.

The move came as violence spiked against security forces in the south. Local officials said gunmen killed two soldiers in successive attacks, and a prison riot killed one inmate and wounded two guards as four prisoners escaped.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered across the country, from Sanaa to disparate regions where separatists or Shi’ite rebels hold sway, chanting slogans such as “No dialogue, no dialogue. You leaving is the only option.”

Twenty-four people have died in the past two weeks.

{Reuters/JPost/ Newscenter}


  1. Seriously. What is it with the Arab world and conspiracy theories?! Maybe we should start blaming all the terrorist attacks on Saleh. Maybe he has an operations room in Sana where he controls his Hamas and Hezbollah puppets. And maybe this operations room is run by Iran or Saudi Arabia. Let’s get Scully and Mulder on this!

  2. but it’s true… we are to blame.
    We have not done what we need to do, we have not brought the end of the exile. As long as it is not obvious to them that there is One G-d, We are to blame.


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