Yemeni Jewish Child Kidnapped in Amran

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yemen1A Yemeni Jewish child was kidnapped from Reda district in Amran province on Shabbos, informed source told media outlets.

Yameen Ameran Al-Nahari, 8 years old, disappeared while the Jewish community was practicing their religious rituals on the weekend.

Sources said that the kidnapping of the child targeted to pressure the Jewish community to forgive Abdul-Aziz Al-Abdi, who shot dead a Jewish fellow citizen, Mashaa Yehiya bin Yaeesh Al-Nahari, and accept his fine in which he will pay 5.5 million riyals.

Lately, a Yemeni court upheld a death sentence on a Muslim man after being accused of killing a Jewish citizen.



  1. So….are we going to sit this one out too….because it’s far away…or are we going to do something about getting this child back without being harmed????
    We have to get this child back…and fast…we are not talking about people with”rachmonos”.Any ideas…anyone?

  2. Step 1: I agree that everything must be done to get this child back, NOW!

    Step 2: Rabbi Yahya Yousef Salem (a leader of the remnant of Yemeni Jews) has stated: “Our origin is Yemeni and we will never abandon our country.” With all due respect Rabbi, Yemen is NOT your country. It is your prison on golus. So long as you cling to your Yemeni golus you are putting the lives of the remaining community in constant danger. For G-D’s sake: GET OUT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! PLEASE.

  3. what does it mean that they kidnapped him in order to get the community to forgive them for shooting someone else in the community?

  4. That is exactly what it means. They already forgave him but he has to pay a certain amount and not the sentence that is coming to him. They want total forgiveness….like nothing happened. What is so hard to understand? You think you are dealing with a constitution? laws? Need I go into detail to explain who you are dealing with?????????????


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