Yerushalayim Deputy Mayor Calls for Donkey Protest to Counter Toeivah Parade


pindrusYerushalayim Deputy Mayor Yitzchak Pindrus has asked police to enable him to hold a donkey parade at the same time as the toeivah Pride Parade today and in protest against that event.

Similar events have been held in the past.

Meanwhile, only one Knesset member of the dozens who were invited to take part in the Pride Parade has confirmed his attendance.

Pindrus’ office noted that if necessary they would petition the High Court to allow them to hold their parade.

“Doesn’t a donkey have a right to be a donkey?” Pindrus said to Ynet. “This is a democratic state, so we will not accept the claim that donkeys have no right to march. There are donkeys who are proud of their donkeyness and want to have a parade.”

A compromise was finally reached whereby the protestors would be allowed to march with cardboard figures instead of donkeys. The organizers stressed that they have not given up on their initial intention and would try to secure a permit for the donkeys today.

The municipality was anxious to emphasize that the deputy mayor’s intentions were unknown to them and that this was a completely private initiative, unconnected to the municipality.

Pindrus said that though the protest did not gain municipality support, it nonetheless represents a wide section of the population.

“This expresses what we think – that this is a beastly act,” he said. “There is no logical explanation to the fact that this year they have extended the route and I don’t understand why the police allowed it.”

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. baruch marzell the leader of the settlers in chevron made a donkey parade 3 years ago and by the end of the parade the march had been moved to teddy stadium

  2. The Mayor should be commended for his decision. He has just proven that he is more concerned with Kvod Shomayim then all of the idiot naysayers! You idiots can continue to keep your heads in the sand while the world goes to….in a hand basket!

  3. Donkeys, well maybe every human being should make a parade to demonstrate their existance I mean what do they gain by flaunting their ideas in everyones face?


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