Yerushalayim Mayor: Safe Enough to Move U.S. Embassy Here

The mayor of Yerushalayim has assured the U.S. Congress that America faces no additional terrorist threat by moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to the ancient city, the Washington Times reports.
“The importance of the move to Jerusalem is second to nothing else,” Nir Barkat told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Tuesday. “God forbid, if there is a security challenge, I assure you we will not shy away from it.” Barkat noted that Israelis deeply appreciate the historical significance of the White House decision to recognize Jerusalem as its capital.
From a security standpoint, Barkat noted that Washington has a murder rate 15 times higher than Yerushalayim. “So whenever I fly to D.C., I pray to come back to Jerusalem safely.”


  1. As long as the Bais Hamikdash III is not in Jerusalem, we’re not safe. The US embassy or any other embassy cannot provide safety.


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