Yerushalayim-Tel Aviv Train Opening Delayed Until 2019


Reports say long-delayed Jerusalem-Tel Aviv railway line suffering from severe delays, will not open in September as planned.

The new high-speed train linking Jerusalem to Tel Aviv was supposed to begin operating this September, nearly six months later than the original inauguration date of March 30th. However, experts say that the line is months away from being ready for regular operations and that there is “no reasonable chance” trains could operate safely in time to open in October.


Running on a double track 56 kilometers (34.79 miles) long, the express station will pass through Ben Gurion Airprt, Modi’in, and Sha’ar Hagai on its way to Jerusalem. It is expected to make four million trips in its first year, and cost a total of 7 billion NIS ($2,032,940,000).

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. There is no ברכה from חילול שבת.
    They though that they would expedite matters by desecrating שבת, but Hashem and His Torah remain relevant as ever.


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