Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim Presents Pre-Pesach Suit Sales Around the US

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mens-suitOver the next two weeks, Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Queens and its affiliates all around the United States will be presenting a Pre-Pesach Suit Sale at your local Chofetz Chaim affiliate, wherever you may live. The suits are Italian made and designer wool suits (all 120s, 130s, 140s, and 150s wools). All suits will be sold for $150. (The suits are sold in stores for $500-$795.)There will also be for sale:

For Boys:
-Hart, Schaffner & Marx 100% wool boys suits for $110
-Fine boys suits for $75
-A selection of boy’s white shirts
-A selection of ties for boys

For men:
-A selection of men’s cotton white shirts
-A selection of men’s patterned colored shirts
-A selection of silk ties for men
-Italian hats – $125
-Men’s Florsheim leather dress shoes – $50

Checks and all major credit cards will be accepted.

Locations are:
Kew Gardens Hills, NY – 718-268-4700
Staten Island, NY – 718-477-7720
Edison, NJ – 732-446-5841
Cherry Hill, NJ – 856-482-8230
Northeast Philadelphia – 856-482-8230
Lower Merion / Bala Cynwyd, PA – 856-482-8230
Monsey, NY – 845-659-8149
Lakewood, NJ – 732-446-5841
Five Towns / Far Rockaway, NY – 516-295-5700
North Miami Beach, FL – 305-944-5344
Dallas, TX – 972-250-4888
Las Vegas, NV – 718-614-8913
St. Louis, MO – 314-594-0462
Silver Spring, MD – 301-328-7998
Hancock Park, CA – 818-505-7999
San Fernando Valley, CA – 818-505-7999

Call your location listed above to find out locations and times. For more info, email

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  1. It certainly is hasagas gvul! Rav Forcheimer has been known to call the number in advertisements that announce that some out-of-towner is about to undersell the locals and ask them to refrain from coming to town.

    The fact is that the schora is generally second-rate and therefore easily discounted. The unsuspecting public assumes that a wonderful tzedaka (or in some cases, a wonderful Yeshiva) must surely be selling wonderful, top-quality merchandise. It is sad that the current economic situation has led to this attempt to raise funds in a way that compromises the good name of a choshuve mosad.

    Lets all remember, especially in Lakewood the Ihr HaTorah, that we are encouraged by our Gedolim to help our friends and neighbors by patronizing their stores. This is more than hakaras hatov for their being there for us all year round, it is yashrus!

  2. to us how are people with no money supposed to dress their children there are always 2 sides to the coin.. also i never understood why a jew has to charge another jew so much money the merchants can reduce their price and therefore allow people to buy their merchandise and thus both sides will win evry1 will be happy dont feel bad for the people making money feel 4 the ones without it

  3. Maybe if Yidden would stop ripping off others with their prices this kind of chessed would not be needed. It’s hard enough paying the inflated cost of being a Frum Yid. Don’t bad mouth those who are trying to ease the pain!!!!

  4. Mr. Lakewood Hocker your ir hakodesh might have more torah being learnt but it appears to me that it does not seep into your body this being shown from what you said. You should read what you wrote and think that Yeshivas Chafetz Chaim is not doing this for a profit and even if they are it is probaly not much and definately not much after going to have to deal with Jewish people taking advantage oh no this is no good i want this no this oh can i exchange this oh i dont have money on me can i pay with the food stamps i got because i lie to the government and stuff my mattress with cash.

  5. This is a great Mitzvah that the Yeshiva is doing for the Tzibbur! Kol Hakavod!

    P.S. Maybe next year they can work on Matzahs.

  6. To Lakewood Hocker:
    I see it’s easy for you to criticize others who are actually doing something to help alleviate the financial strain WE are going through!
    It’s obvious you’ve never worked a day in your life as you are foolishly being supported by naive Inlaws!
    In the meantime enjoy your Pesach at the World class Hotel in CA you are going to (Free of Charge). Don’t forget to demand a LEXUS only, at the car rental counter!

  7. Why is everything in Lakewood always a hock?

    “Rav Forcheimer has been known to call the number in advertisements that announce that some out-of-towner is about to undersell the locals and ask them to refrain from coming to town.”

    Why don’t you first call Rav Forscheimer and see what he says before you speak disparangingly about such a choshuv yeshiva which is well known for consulting with Daas Torah BEFORE taking any action.

  8. Hey Lakewood guy –
    How bout when Lakewood Yeshiva comes for Shabbos to raise $$ in Flatbush and Five-towns – isn’t that Hasogas Gvul of the local Mosdos there who are serving the local people and suffering finacially ?
    Look in the Mirror Reb Yungerman

  9. Mr Lakewood hocker go back to drinking coffee.Oh!! and by the way you might want to use some “AntiGrease” or you’ll slip. If not go wipe your grease on your suit you bought from the ripoffs…

  10. Daas Torah was consulted regarding the issue of Hasagas G’vul. It is not a problem. Speak to your local rav if you have any shailos.

  11. I ask that the staff not post any more argumentative comments. this is NOT the way to bring mashiach. If you would like to go to the sale then go, and if not, not. But please don’t call anyone names if they are for or against it and not on your side.

  12. #2 Lakewood Hocker:
    If you feel the need to purchase from locals and it is affordable to you, then nobody is stopping you from going and buying from them.
    If local retailers come down in price as a result, then these incomers won’t do well and will have served a good purpose for stores to have smaller markups. (I’m not telling store owners how to run their business. It’s just practical to be competative in your pricing)
    If they consider their merchandise superior then it isn’t Hasagos Gevul, acccording to your logic, because they are selling different quality merchandise which is not offered by the local stores.
    Thank you CC for this project at these difficult times.

  13. And what happens if you live out of town, then you can’t always get to Lakewood to shop. It is great that these suits are coming to town.


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