Yeshivas Ner Moshe Yerushalayim Makes History Next Tuesday!


Yeshivas Ner Moshe: Making History in the Yeshiva World

24 Hour 2 Million Shekel $600,000 Campaign

On Lag Ba’omer in 1924, history was made in the yeshiva world.  On that day, some 50,000 Jews came from around the world to celebrate the laying of the cornerstone of Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin in Lublin.  Rabbi Meir Shapiro had envisioned Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin to be the first yeshiva of its kind in Europe—it would be physically imposing and spiritually inspiring.  In this way, the prestige of Torah and its students would be raised in the world.  At the cornerstone ceremony, Rav Shapiro spoke in Hebrew, Yiddish and Polish, and is said to have quipped, “Now we have everything—but the money.”

Almost a century later, Yeshivas Ner Moshe of Yerushalayim, stands ready to make history in the Yeshiva world, once again.  The parallels are striking.  Yeshivas Ner Moshe is unique in that it is a yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael that accommodates all the physical needs of its bachurim, while maintaining a high level of Torah scholarship. Similar to Rav Meir Shapiro, Rav Gurewitz, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Moshe, understands that by caring for the physical needs of the bachurim, with full dormitory arrangements, including all daily, Shabbos and Yom Tov, arrangements, the bachurim are able to focus exclusively on their learning without distraction, thereby raising their level of Torah scholarship, as well as the prestige of Torah.  Currently, as it was 94 years ago in Lublin, it is an innovative concept in Eretz Yisroel, which has been proven instrumental to the yeshivos’ tremendous hatzlacha.

Rav Avraham  Gurwitz shlita opened Yeshivas Ner Moshe in 1984 with about 30 bachurim.  In recent years, the yeshiva has evolved and currently boasts over 100 bachurim and 65 yungerleit.  The bachurim are treated to nearly daily shiurim from Rav Yankel Lieberman shlita, who is a renowned expert in Seder Kodshim according to the Brisker derech.  The Roshei Yeshiva Rav Avraham Gurewitz shlita and Rav Sholom Schechter shlita are true role models in hasmadah and Yiras Shomayim.  Rav Chanania Manies shlita is the beloved Menahel of the yeshiva, who has a close kesher with the talmidim, and says weekly vaadim to the bochurim in emuna.  From the outset, Rebbetzin Tzirel Gurewitz (nee Bernstein) a”h undertook to be the Administrator and Aim Hayeshiva, serving as a stalwart support for the Rosh Yeshiva.  The yeshiva was her pride and joy, and she cared for the bachurim as her own children, always working on ways to improve their physical situation.

This past summer, the yeshiva suffered a crushing blow with the untimely passing of the Rebbetzin, the Administrator and Aim Hayeshiva.  As the yeshiva attempts to recover  and regroup, what still remains is old debt of 2 million shekel ($600,000), which was undertaken to allow the yeshiva to function according to its vision, raise the level of Torah scholarship in the Torah world in Eretz Yisroel.  [Just like Rav Meir Shapiro said, “We have everything—but the money”….]

As we usher in the season of Matan Torah, the alumni of Yeshivas Ner Moshe will be undertaking a crowdfunding Charidy campaign in memory of the Rebbetzin, a”h–to help the yeshiva resolve its old debt, so that it can go back to caring for the bachurim and supporting their gashmius, so they can achieve greater heights in ruchnius.  The campaign will take place on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, May 15 and 16, 2018.  Dear friends and supporters, this is your opportunity to join Yeshivas Ner Moshe as it makes history in the Torah world, once again.

As a measure of hakaras hatov to the yeshiva for providing a foundation of Torah for their families, a group of alumni and supporters pledged 1 million shekel ($300,000) in matching funds to help the yeshiva pay off its debt, which is hampering the yeshiva from moving forward.  This crowdfunding Charidy event, undertaken in memory of the Rebbetzin, a”h, will take place on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, May 15 and 16, 2018, as we usher in the season of Matan Torah.  It is an “all or nothing” event, wherein, if the yeshiva is able to match the alumni’s gracious pledge of 1 million shekels ($300,000) with the matching funds, the yeshiva will gain $600,000, and pay off their entire old debt, so they can continue to provide for the bachurim’s gashmius, in order to concentrate on their ruchnius unimpeded.  If not, all the pledges will be returned.

Dear friends, please join Yeshivas Ner Moshe as it makes history in the Torah world, once again.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate your support of the yeshiva and hakaras hatov for all the Rebbetzin’s efforts throughout her life on behalf of the yeshiva.  




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