Yisgadel V’yiskadeish…

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Yisgadel v’yiskadeish shmay rabba… with those profound words, do we send up the neshomos to higher heights, so they get to their destined place in Gan Eden.

However, some neshomos cannot reach this because of their place of burial.

After Communism fell, a terrible scene transpired all over Europe. Hundreds of Botei Chaim have fallen into a terrible state of bezoyan after the Nazis shameful acts on the graves.

R’ Elyokim Schlesinger (Rosh Yeshiva Harama) took this to heart and invested much of his precious time towards this very important mission and founded the organization “Vaad Lehatzolas Botei Olmen”.

Throughout the many years of chesed shel emes, the number of botei chaim in need, has grown dramatically.

At first, we’ve thought that an average of 4 to 5 botei chaim will be needed to be seen to yearly. However, it soon turned out that the demand of botei chaim in need of renovation and reconstructing kept on growing.

With great help and siyata dishmaya, we were able to build relationships and connect with the right authorities who have helped us to save kivrei Yisroel from bizoyan.

We have now undertaken a massive campaign to raise £250.000 in 2 days from Wednesday 27/02/19- Thursday 28/02/2019, so we can cover our budget, which includes travelling, offices, lawyers and much more. Please donate generously so we can continue with our holy work. DONATE HERE.


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