Yosef Robinson Knew His Murderer


yoseph-robinsonThe beloved Brooklyn liquor store clerk gunned down last week knew the ex-con accused of killing him. Eion Klass, charged with the murder on Wednesday, used to smoke cigarettes with Yoseph Robinson and lived just three doors down from the crime scene. “He liked Yoseph,” said Emre Erkan, the super of the building on Nostrand Ave. where Klass lived.

Avrohom Silverberg, 45, of Brooklyn, said the shooter used to come into the liquor store where Robinson worked every Thursday night for winetasting.

“We’re so shocked. We can’t believe this is the same man,” Silverberg said.

Klass was a desperate man, said Joseph Walcott, 38, who saw Klass before the shooting.

“He was going through some things,” Walcott said. “He said he needed money. I saw him downstairs smoking, looking real stressed. Then I heard about the shooting and was like, ‘…my boy might have done that.'”

Police believe Klass shot Robinson, 34, in the chest while the clerk was trying to protect his kallah a week ago at the MB Vineyards liquor store in Midwood. The suspect was wearing a mask when he burst into the store.

Detectives zeroed in on Klass, 33, after receiving street tips that he was the killer. Investigators traced the license plate number for the suspect’s car and took him into custody early Tuesday, police said.

While questioning him for Robinson’s murder, cops charged him witha robbery committed elsewherein Brooklyn on June 28, according to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Though Klass has not confessed, he made incriminating statements, police sources said. Klass was charged with first-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

State records show Klass served 11 years in state prison after a 1998 conviction for attempted murder and robbery. He was released in October and remains on parole.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com}


  1. Our justice system has failed us once again with deadly consiquences. When dreggs of society like this Klass, beast have served notice on society, they should be locked away for life! What is the name & phone # of the corrupt Judge that let this animal back out on the streets?
    BTW where is Bloomberg & Kelly? Busy kissing up to the ground zero Imam?

  2. Rubashkin is a thread to society and must be torn away and locked behind bars for life but this punk gets out of jail and does what he attempted to again. We live in a crazy world.!!!

  3. Sadly a tragedy of tremendous porportions. A ger is on a higher level than even baltchuvas. It is interesting how his pleasant interaction with the killer did not deter the murderer in any way. Even some nazis imach shmom did not kill former classmates ev



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