Young Chassidic Entrepreneur Featured in NY Real Estate Journal

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izzy-greenIzzy Green grew up in the Chassidic community of Rockland County, where he received very little business education. Despite his lack in education, his entrepreneurial nature made him wander into the business world at a very young age. As Green always said, “Blaming your poor education won’t get you rich.”

After losing his construction job, Green visited his personal insurance broker regarding questions on a bill. He left as a hired salesman, but with no potential of growth in that company, he co-founded Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management with his partner Sol Eisenberg.

In business for a few years, Green and Eisenberg realized that the unique insurance needs of real estate professionals were not met by the standard insurance agencies, because agencies mostly focus on all lines of insurance and don’t have enough knowledge needed to service the real estate industry. “That is when we decided to step in and start giving the real estate professions a product and service they deserve,” said Eisenberg. Evergreen is one of the only insurance agencies that serves exclusively the real estate industry. Green said, “We wanted to earn the title ‘the real estate insurance expert’ and the only way to do that was by dropping all other lines of insurance and focus only on real estate.”

“Insurance certificates” are a crucial component to every new closing and refinance. Evergreen understands the importance of delivering certificates of insurance quickly. “Our clients know that we deal directly and swiftly with underwriters at all major lending institutions making sure that all the documents are ready for closing,” said Green. Evergreen has had clients call them from the closing table to arrange insurance, Evergreen was able to deliver a policy within the hour, which satisfied the customer & the bank.

Building owners know that if they had claims in the past, insurance companies will penalize them by charging extremely high premiums, or at times cancel them altogether. Similarly, following Hurricane Sandy, rates for buildings in flood zones rose by as much as 25% and owners situated next to zones are at times denied coverage altogether. “But since our sole focus is real estate insurance,” said Green. “We utilize creative techniques to address these issues.”

A lot of the credit goes to MasterPolicy. MasterPolicy is the management system built-in-house exclusively for Evergreen – which was designed to streamline the entire process of insurance for real estate folks. “Our customers are amazed at our quick turnaround for quotes, certificates and other service matters, and they often ask us how we do everything so fast. We tell them that we implemented numerous human-less employees to serve them 24/7!” said Eisenberg.


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  1. How about reporting about the Klei Kodesh entrepreneur’s who devote their lives to limud Hatorah? After all, money is not something you take with you to the next world. So why make a story out of a non story?

  2. And where do you think where the funding for these Klei Kodesh comes from.

    Those of us who work hard to be able to support those who sit and learn and support the school’s, Bais Yaako’s, Yeshiva’s and kollelim that the Kleii Kodesh use..

    So have a cup of coffee, smell the fresh ai and get a life

  3. #2 not sure what your issue with eli is . He’s 100% on the ball.
    My issue with this article is that’s it’s simply not news. It’s just a plain old advertorial. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with running them for money , it just doesn’t belong in the news

  4. Well, HaShem needs both, the Ysuchers and the Zevuluns. This is very encouraging for all those who are meant to be on the Zevulun side of the deal, to go out there and make it big… Don’t just sit back and complain…

  5. I think Eli’s right. In yiddishkeit our main focus has to be in spiritual growth, not in financial growth. Clal Yisroels issues aren’t with finances, its our spiritual demise. I’m sorry, but Mr. Izzy Green isn’t one we should try to emulate

  6. Sounds like #1 is jealous. If you consider this a non story then why even comment? A young man, Izzy despite his lack of education makes something of himself and becomes successful. I believe this story gives hope and encouragement to many other young frum men.

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