Your Deposit has Been Received: A Parade of Agonizing Emails

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How can an email that on its

first glance looks so innocent, cause so much pain and grief?

Just take a moment to think about

what this poor widow is going through the past few months…

From the moment her daughter got

engaged, her anxiety level was on the rise. “How in the world am I supposed to

pay for all the wedding-related expenses? Just how?”

She found a way to push the

barrel down the road. She took out a credit card that had limited funds available

and started paying deposits to all the vendors.

She booked a wedding hall and

paid a deposit, she paid deposits to the musician, singer, photographer, Kallah

gown, sibling dresses. She even rented an apartment and paid some more deposits

to furnish it.

But with every deposit confirmation

email, her anxiety level reached new heights, she saw all the balances due, and

those balances kept on building an enormous mountain in front of her. The

answer to her question became tougher and tougher, “how on earth am I going to

pay it all?”

There was no joy at all as they

were engaged in the wedding preparations because a tremendous burden was laying

on her shoulders, and that burden just kept on growing aggressively.

The wedding date is rapidly

approaching… “Whom can I turn to? Didn’t I suffer enough pain with my husband’s

illness and passing? Do I really have to go through this awful humiliation?”

Dear Yidden! This is the sad reality! We must come together to pay off

these balances as well as the deposits!

There is no father to take responsibility for the bills, let

us do it for them!

However, there is a silver lining.

The Kallah is a grandchild of the holy Tzadik Reb Shaye’le of Kerestir זי”ע, who is

world renowned for the mystical yeshuos that people have benefited through him.

It has been well documented that hundreds have seen amazing Yeshuos by helping marry

off his grandchildren. Now you can be one of them.

A Campaign has been launched to help raise the necessary funds to

pay off her wedding expenses. Please take a moment to visit the link and make a

generous donation.

When we work in unison, it is not such a steep mountain to

climb, but when a widow has to figure it out on her own IT’S A MISSION


Your generous donation will make the impossible possible and will bring

happiness and joy to the Kallah and her family, and have your requests

fulfilled in merit of the holy Tzadik Reb Shaye ben Reb Moshe of Kerestir.

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