Yungerman Selling Car that Belonged to Rav Noach Weinberg zt”l

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ravweinbergcarA car for sale. 2001 Grand Marquis LS. Big comfortable leather seats. Low mileage – only 80k.

Sounds like a regular car for sale, doesn’t it?

Regular, that is, except that the car belonged to Rav Noach Weinberg zt”l, legendary founder of Yeshiva Aish Hatorah.

A Lakewood yungerman is selling the Grand Marquis for just $3,600, and has advertised that the car belonged to Rav Weinberg, perhaps hoping to reach a buyer who’d want to buy an automobile formerly owned by the kiruv legend.

The yungerman also states that the car has a very large back seat and trunk, power seats, power steering, power locks and power windows, and keyless entry.

To view the ad, click here.

{ Newscenter, Elisha Ferber}


  1. Why isn’t it news? I actually find it very interesting! It’s more relevant that was Obama is doing or whatever else is going on.
    Agav, maybe this will start a new trend, like selling cars and other possessions of gedolim. It could be a big business.

  2. A few questions.
    1)a- Was this car driven in Israel?
    b-If yes, then it has additional Kedusha.
    c-How did the car get back to America?
    2) Was Rav Weinberg the only owner?
    3) Who is selling it now?
    4) Can we see the car?
    5) Can we make a Brocha in the car?
    6) Did the Rov do regular oil changes?

  3. i happen to know the bachur very well and hes doin such a chesed for the family thats in isreal and cant do it themselves. it should be a zechus for the right shudduch beshaa tovah umitzlachas.

  4. this is such a big zechus for the person who buys it i hope he doesnt treif it up with all the shmutz on the radio or talk loshonhara i heard the rav was always thinking in kedushas yisroel the rabbonimshould really be involved with who buys it

  5. does anyone know whos selling it or what his number is?? this is a crazy deal! im assumin its not aish with all their money they probably could afford to print it out!

  6. The comments are nice. But i once heard about someone who was able to buy gemorros of the Gaon; the gedolim of E”Y told him not to spend more than he’d spend on a gemorro from shaimos. The reason is because the Torah of the Gaon is the words not the paper. They told him just that he should copy out any notes he finds written. So it would seem teh same for the car. of course the part about the chesed is true (and that it’s more important than Obama) etc. but practically it seems as if the question boild down to the oil changes etc. Shal-m


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