Above Ground Burials In Israel Sought As Eitzah For Kevurah


To increase space for kevorim, Israeli cemeteries have begun constructing multi story burial buildings. But one such a building put up in the Har Hamenuchos cemetery at the cost of millions of shekels is still unused.

According to one explanation, Yerushalayim Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar toured the location and asked about the width of a column of earth which connects the floors and gives them the status of earth. The column is supposed to be at least four square inches wide, but to his surprise, he was informed that it was only 1.5 inches square.

Colleagues of Rav Amar confirmed the story, adding that “The Rishon Letzion asked the chevrah kaddisha to follow the instructions he gave them and show him a work plan to emend the halachic flaw. These plans have still not been presented.”

But an official of the Eida Hasefardit in charge of the building told Kikar Shabbos that this report was incorrect. According to him, the earth column is four square inches and the cemetery’s use was being held up due to procedural factors which will soon be arranged. He added that certain instructions of Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef had not been complied with and needed to be corrected.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel



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