Anti-Israel Protests In Turkey And Jordan


Demonstrations in support of Palestinian worshipers in support of their struggle against the new Har Habayis security measures were held Friday in Jordan and Turkey.

In Amman, Jordan, thousands gathered and shouted epithets against Israel.

According to reports, the crowd shouted, among other things, “How beautiful it is to kill soldiers from Jerusalem,” with some waving a model of a cardboard missile with the words “Al-Aqsa – Red Line.” Read more at YNet.



  1. Can someone please explain their side, their ideology in all This?
    In their warped, Shariah law interpretation of the way they think the world should exist, is stashing weapons with the intention of killing innocent, peaceful, protective, civil servants in a sanctuary normal? Who is next?
    All that has changed was a government effort to curtail violence!
    Why doesn’t the world see This?
    And Morsi called us descendants of apes and pigs! Doesn’t this prove he had his teleprompter lines reversed?

  2. Jordan is trying to forget the fact that it is Palestine. Yes, JORDAN IS PALESTINE. Don’t forget that the old Jordanian government threw out all their long-time residents who considered themselves Palestinians. The world did nothing. The worthless United Nations said nothing. And now they shift the Palestinian problem to Israel. Send the Palestinians back to their own country, Jordan.

    The Turkeys are just a bunch of rapists and murderers. Ask any Armenian what the Turkey Monkeys did to them.

  3. Can someone in the know, remind us how many Palestinians the Jordanians slaughtered back in the 70’s and the world was/is silent?

  4. Israel shouldn’t let them in for two weeks; they’ll go crazy. Fine. After two weeks they’ll be let in with all the security checks the israelis want, and the arabs will say thank you.
    They understand one language and one language only – force. There is no reasoning, no bargaining, no mutual understanding with the arabs. It’s force that they understand and that’s the only way the israelis will get anywhere in communicating with them.
    If they imprison the chalamish terrorist or even kill him nothing will come out of it; if they bury him in pigskin, the arab world will go crazy beyond words, but they will begin to understand what the israelis are talking about. Until then, Israel looks weak and confused.


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