Anti-Semitism Watchdog Slams Palestinian Envoy for Denying Existence of Jewish People


Ambassador Nabil Jada’aAn antisemitism watchdog group rebuked a Palestinian ambassador on Monday for promoting anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and denying the existence of the Jewish people.

PLO Ambassador to Chile Imad Nabil Jada’a made the offensive remarks at the Conference for Peace in Palestine and Israel on May 15 in Santiago, Chile. A recently obtained video of the speech shows him advocating the antisemitic conspiracy theory of Zionist global domination, and claiming that the PLO “does not recognize the existence of the Jewish People.”

“There is no Jewish people,” he said.

In response, the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) said Jada’a’s comments combined “traditional European antisemitism with Israel bashing, a dangerous form of contemporary antisemitism, that also forms the ideological basis for Radical Political Islamist incitement to genocide” against Jews.

“Here there can be no excuse, as some still weakly contend, of separating criticism of Israel with blatant antisemitism,” the organization said. “A peaceful resolution to the conflict must include concrete steps to eradicate official PA antisemitism, and a real recognition of the ‘Other.’ One hopes that responsible leaders will take action and condemn this blatant expression of hate.”

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