Apple to Cough Up $32M in Refunds


apple1Who said this generation isn’t smarter than its parents’ one? The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with Apple over the issue of children’s apps and how little companies have been doing to protect either privacy or aid parents trying to supervise their kids.

Apple will pay out at least $32.5 million in refunds to parents whose children made purchases on iPhones and iPads without permission.

Apple has been accused of allowing games in their iTunes store that enticed children without putting any approval safeguards in place. Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. There’s a cartoon with Homer Simpson purchasing a few hundred dollars’ worth of “game currency” and stating he’ll tell customer service his kid did it. Guess it was unwise to explain to people how to cheat.

    For those who indeed have a 2-yr old and let the baby play with the iPad (not sure is the best idea) connected to the internet (even less sure it’s a great idea) Apple has been providing since years a setting which disables any accidental purchase (requiring the password).


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