Bernie Madoff: Lucky Duck Gets Otisville


madoff1According to PageSix, the NY Post’s infamous gossip column, Ruth Madoff was overhead at a California Pizza Kitchen gushing about how happy she is Bernie is going to Otisville:
“Ruth Madoff had a rough time at California Pizza Kitchen the other night. Slinking into the East Side eatery with a young female friend, she ordered a salad and white wine, but quickly got flustered. “The waiter said she was upset because she had coupons and they expired before she could use them,” a witness told us, adding that several diners told the waiters they shouldn’t serve her. One bit of good news for Ruth, though – she’d just learned her Ponzi-schemer hubby, Bernie Madoff, will be locked away in upstate Otisville, the prison his lawyer had requested. “I’m so glad! It’s just what we wanted,” she gushed to her dining companion. On her way out, one female diner shouted “Goodnight, Ruth!” Madoff ignored her, but her dining partner cringed.”Otisville is a medium security prison only 70 miles outside of New York. It caters to Orthodox Jews and houses such illuminaries as Herman Jacobowitz, former Allou Healthcare CEO, who is doing 20 years for stock fraud, bribery and arson.

Bernie’s first choice was Otisville and his assignment is another indication he made a deal with the Feds before he was sentenced. That may be why the Feds announced they were not going to press criminal charges against Ruth and permitted her to keep $2.5 million.

SEC Inspector General H. David Kotz’s three-hour meeting with Bernie at the MMC a couple of weeks ago is a sign that Bernie agreed to cooperate on other matters of interest to the SEC.

{TPM/ Newscenter}


  1. I wonder what would make people happy, if bernie would get tarred and featherd or maybe publicly flogged? Justice in this world has been served so lets just leave it alone!!!


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