Biden: I’ve Met ‘Literally Every’ World Leader


bidenVice President Joe Biden loves to use the word “literally,” though he’s not so good at using it correctly. And on Monday, Biden revealed either that he still doesn’t know when the word is appropriate, or that he’s been zipping around the globe, defying space and time constraints to meet every single head of state in the world:

At GWU, Biden said he’s met “literally every” world leader, “not because I’m important, but because of the nature of my job.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. Tell me, Matzav. Have you ever read the comments submitted to you. Forget about using words appropriately. Your readers never learned how to spell simple words.

  2. Wow, that really makes you a great person. You washed up old prune. your dementia has kicked in full force.

  3. Well, I guarantee he did not like it when Genghis Khan sampled his fish soup. I would not be worried if Mr. Biden was business orientated or not, as his real favor is his reaction to the presses.

    Smile well Mr. Biden, we have not myself and you met and maybe we will soon. Thanks.


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