Chareidim Live Longer


Yair Shirki of Channel 2 investigated why chareidim live longer than the general populace. He started by noting that studies of Israel’s Taub Institute found that although the wealthier generally live longer, in chareidi towns such as Yerushalayim, Elad, Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh, people live three to five years longer than their socio-economic counterparts in other towns. The same phenomenon is found in Boro Park. Why is this?

The most obvious reason is that the Torah promises health and success for those who adhere to its mitzvos. An elderly Jew Shirki spoke to in a Bnei Brak Senior Citizens home told him, “Siyata diShmaya, that’s everything.”

Another factor may be the warm communal and family life of chareidi communities. Communal involvement keeps people young even without optimum food and exercise. Families visit their old relatives frequently. Shirki found that 170 residents of seniors home he investigated were getting an average 1,500 visitors a day. Due to the Torah’s mitzvah of honoring parents and old people, the elderly feel honored and respected.

Shirki noted that many chareidi rabbonim passed away at an advanced age, Rav Elyashiv at 102 and Rav Shach at least 103. Rav Shteinman is nearing 104.

“With chareidim, the world belongs to the old,” he said, noting that Rav Gershon Edelstein of Ponevez is over 95-years-old and his main career is still ahead of him.

Daily tefillos and learning keep old Jews strong and happy.

Tefillah in the morning and evening, the same every day, and going every day to learn, challenges the mind and requires effort,” 90-year-old Zalman Cohen told Shirki. “But it’s not difficult, it’s natural. On the contrary, I want to learn. If I don’t learn, say, for one day, I’m missing something.”

Another contributing factor to long life is optimism. Researchers found that when people in Bnei Brak were asked about their health, they are forty percent more satisfied with their health than the general population. All this gives a new angle to the possuk (Chabakuk 4:2), A tzaddik lives through his faith.

{ Israel News} 


  1. If the Israeli Government would adhere to the Torah, they wouldn’t have UNESCO declare that Israel has no right to Bibilcal places.


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