Children’s Book ‘P Is For Palestine,’ Which Hails ‘Intifada,’ Draws Ire of Manhattan Mothers


Controversy erupted in a Facebook group of Upper East Side mothers this week after one member posted an advertisement for a reading of her new children’s book titled, P Is For Palestine.

The illustrated text, authored by Dr. Golbarg Bashi, includes a line that says, “I is for Intifada, Intifada is Arabic for rising up for what is right, if you are a kid or grownup!”

“Intifada” is an Arabic word meaning “tremor” that is most commonly associated around the world with two violent Palestinian uprisings against Israel in recent decades that included numerous bombing, shooting and stabbing attacks.

One responder to Bashi’s post in the “UES Mommas” group, Bryce Gruber-Hermon, wrote, “Hey everyone! Let’s talk about one of those intifadas! Real family members of mine were MURDERED. Innocent women who never carried a gun, knife, or anything more than a book. My husband has 2 bullets in his back from those intifadas you’re justifying. If you think these are okay or fair or reasonable or just part of politics, you’re flat out telling me my family deserves to be dead. You’re not that bad of a person, are you?”

The reading was held on Saturday at Book Culture on Columbus.

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  1. I thought P was in arab lingo for pakistani. I guess they doubled up. Mad shame. L is for libya. H is for heaven and Z is for our interest. Thanks rabid social hate. I it not your state.


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