Deri Facing Heat for Saying He’d Sit with Lapid


aryeh-deriAryeh Deri, in an interview, stated that he is okay with sitting in a government with MK Yair Lapid. Now, senior members of Yahadat Hatorah have called him out on it. 

Deri told Yediot Achronot, “I have no personal problem with Lapid. We made peace a few months ago and I would be willing to sit down with him and form a government… Unlike him, I do not rule out anyone. ”

A senior member of Yahadut Hatorah criticized Deri, saying, “This flattery has no place. Yair Lapid has caused cuts in child allowances, which, to this day, Shas is still talking about. Lapid was the one who started the anti-religious legislation and purposely hurt the Chareidi sector, whenever possible. It was only recently that Lapid announced that he would continue anti-religious legislation and not sit in a government that would not interfere in the curricula of the chareidi community. It would have been better for MK Deri to at least be silent on this issue. ”

Bayit Hayehudi also slammed Deri, saying, “Mr. Deri, who preached at us for two years because we sat in the same government with the Chareidi hater, Yair Lapid, revealed his face this morning when he said he had no problem sitting with Yair Lapid and with an extreme leftist government. Deri is known as one who loves power and respect. But we did not know he would so easily give up the ideology of Shas.”


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