Donald Trump Warns Opponents: It’s “Unlucky To Attack Me”


trumpA day after former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, once a vocal critic of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, dropped out of the presidential race, Trump is warning against any further attacks against him, saying it’s not a strategy that’s been effective for any of his opponents.

“He’s a nice man,” the business mogul said of Perry, speaking to reporters after a campaign rally in Boone, Iowa, Saturday. “I knew him before he went a little bit hostile. And he went hostile in order to try and get some traction. It didn’t work.”

“Actually,” Trump added, “so far it hasn’t worked for anybody.”

When asked what he expects will happen in next week’s Republican debates, the leader of the GOP pack said he expects to be “going into a lion’s den.”

“Somebody will attack,” Trump said. “You know, somebody like a Rand Paul, who’s down 2 percent. He’ll maybe attack. He’s been very nasty lately. He’s been very nice, very nice, and all of a sudden about a week ago, he started attacking because his poll numbers are down.”

He likened Paul’s assault to a strategy deployed by others in the conservative party: “He started attacking me. Just like Perry did. Just like Sen. Lindsey Graham did, who’s down to almost zero.” He also pointed to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has repeatedly slammed the billionaire for his “ridiculous” comments on immigrants, and his precipitous drop in the polls.

“Now, I don’t know if that’s because of me,” Trump said. “But it certainly seems to be unlucky to attack me.”

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